Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Dave Sim Update: Two Fisted Typing Test



Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Well that's good news?

Hope the hand is getting better Dave.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to go ahead and take credit for the wrist brace suggestion. I'm very pleased to hear that it alleviates the pain.

Still, it wouldn't hurt to drop by a walk-in clinic one morning just to get an opinion and discuss. It would probably take an hour out of Dave's day just to hear what the doctor has to say and maybe obtain a prescription from the doctor, even if it is just for reference.

The doctor might have a recommendation as reliable as the measles vaccine - or not. Please find out.

There are walk-in clinics at the following locations in Kitchener:

1400 Weber St E ((519) 748-6933)
750 Ottawa St S ((519) 570-3174)
385 Fairway Rd S ((519) 748-2327)
100 The Boardwalk (9am to 8 pm) ((519) 279-4098)
751 Victoria St S (9am to 8 pm) ((519) 745-2273)

- Reginald P.

Travis Pelkie said...

Ok then, God's trying to tell you "You're no Neal Adams, kid". Heh.

Well, I am glad Dave's at least trying a brace, and I hope he takes Reginald's advice and at least has the hand looked at. If it's just a matter of overwork, well, Dave just needs more rest periods, and hopefully that's all.

Speaking of Neal Adams, he's one of several comics creators who are still working (and doing decent work, if not always the great work of their youth) well past Dave's age. I know getting towards 60 sounds old to him, but thinking about it, Eisner did his GNs after age 60 (I think he was in his early 60s when Contract came out), Kirby was still working past his 60s (I think Captain Victory and Silver Star were his 60s [age-wise] stuff), I think Moebius and Tezuka worked past their 60s (to go internationale, if you will), and of course Dave knows from meeting the men, both Neal Adams and Steve Ditko are still working, and I believe Mr Ditko is about 90. Heck, even Stan Lee still does...stuff, and he's over 90, iirc. So since those guys worked well past Dave's age (and in Eisner's case, probably did his finest work), I don't think it's unreasonable of us to hope/believe/wish that Dave continues to be around for many more years doing his thing. Heck, not only do I want to see Strange Death, I also want to see what Dave decides to do next.

Take care of yourself, especially the moneymaker (I say, your right wrist, son!)

Sandeep Atwal said...

Good news. Hopefully this was some kind of temporary flare up and a combination of the wrist brace, rest and a less strenuous drawing schedule will let Dave continue to do what he does best.

Tony Dunlop said...

Ok then, God's trying to tell you "You're no Neal Adams, kid".

I had a similar thought...or, He's saying, "Don't try to be Neal Adams, be Dave Sim."

Travis Pelkie said...

That's a better way of putting it, Tony. It gets what I was trying to say across without the bit of snark I got in there without really meaning to.