Sunday, 22 March 2015

Kickstarted: Cerebus Archive Number Three!

Congratulations to Dave Sim and John Funk on another successful Kickstarter campaign for Cerebus Archive Number Three. Due to Dave's recent surgery, understandably there was no 'Last 4 Hours' Q&A session, but why not revisit the Q&As from the previous Cerebus Archive fund raisers:

(from Kickstarter Update #11, 22 March 2015)
...On behalf of Dave Sim, I want to thank each and everyone of our faithful pledge partners (backers) for their strong financial support once again. It's particularly significant in that this campaign was only about one week old when word came out, first on the news of Dave's pain in his wrist and that he could not draw, write or type with it, and then on the emergency surgery he underwent last week.

A lessor group of pledge partners would have ran for the hills and bailed out where such news and risk to the fulfillment of the rewards was concerned. But not this group. Not you guys. Not Dave's "faithful 230", who backed this with all of their collective faith, to the tune of $39,633; this "faithful 230" stood up for Dave and offered their (your) support to the tune of $172 average per pledge partner, which compares with CANO at $119 and CANT at $166. So, thank you once again and know that both your support, both financial and well wishes for his health are very much felt and appreciated by Dave... Read the full update here...

Source: Kicktraq
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CerebusTV said...

CerebusTV was pleased to do a "Last Day" promotion with 30 second video spots through Twitter, Facebook and Youtube and a special link at the site. Thanks to the many who followed those links and were part of the "Last Day" $12,000 surge! Thanks to all who pledged!

Max West said...

I gave the campaign and I'm glad that I did!

Anonymous said...

Well. I notice interesting facts:

1) The amount of money earned is greatly above the project goal, and significantly above CANO, but not as much as CANT.

2) The number of backers has declined with every campaign.

Forty grand is nothing to sneeze at, and I hope that Dave is not too disappointed that the other two metrics declined. Even with fewer backers, the amount of money is staying up there.

I would, though, be curious to hear any theories about the decline. Were the pages offered or the bonus prints not as interesting this time as last? Has the audience been saturated? (We all have only so much spending money.) To put it another way: is it a general decline, or is it specific to this campaign? Thoughts?

-- Damian T. Lloyd, cod

Anonymous said...

Just needs to have the audience expanded; out of those, there will be more interested in participating.

Dave Kopperman said...

Damian, I think it's partly where it fell on the financial calendar. At least it is for me. In the three months since I supported CANT (and was really thrilled with and blown away by the package, I should say), my hot water heater failed to the tune of $1500, I've discovered I have a $4500 tax bill, and I've ponied up the $1500 down payment for an upcoming vinyl LP of my own material. Add that to the much MUCH higher heating bills in January and February and various other Winter expenses, and I just didn't have a spare dime. And I STILL felt lousy about it, but I'm heartened to see that the campaign did so well in the end.

Anonymous said...

There is probably a mix of things going on. Most projects like this seem to fade with time as interest wanes. The other that I can see is that the pages on offer this time were frankly not that interesting and only hardcores would be interested. I was tempted to take a pass for that reason alone, but the bonus materials won me over. Once we get into the material where Gerhard shows up I wouldn't be surprised to see a significant spike, given that the average page is much more interesting. The current set doesn't really consist of art that I would want to hang up on my wall; the average Gerhard era page would definitely make a nice piece to put on display.