Saturday, 7 March 2015

Cerebus Archive Number Three: Diamondback Decks

Diamondback Decks (2nd edition, 1993)
Kickstarter 'Add-On' Reward CAD $9 per set


iestyn said...

Why the rice cakes?

Travis Pelkie said...

Why NOT the rice cakes?

I remember reading the Wizard piece with Gerhard and how to draw backgrounds, and I said to myself, wow, Dave doesn't even draw the rice cakes? (It was a page from early on in Guys)

Question -- are the Diamondback decks available through the kickstarter the '93 second edition, then? I'm not seeing that the Kickstarter necessarily describes them completely. Not that I'm too picky -- I do plan on pledging to get at least one deck as an add on, but the kickstarter description may be imprecise.

Graphic Edge Print Solutions said...


The Kickstarter (CAN3) Diamondback Decks are from Dave's inventory. They are not reprints. He didn't say whether they were first, second or '93 edition.

So there is a limited quantity available, hence the limit of 2 per portfolio.



Margaret said...

Iestyn - It is a gag from Guys. No money, so the guys use rice cakes for winnings when playing diamondback.

Yes, that is Dave reading In Touch magazine.