Saturday, 28 March 2015

Glamourpuss: Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Glamourpuss #12 (March 2010)
by Dave Sim

(from Glamourpuss #12, March 2010)
Not being a Brit, I had no idea who Sophie Ellis-Bextor is and, in fact, didn't see her name in the fine print when I selected this one, definitely for those eyes! Which brings up one of those built in peculiarities of doing glamourpuss in that it raises the question: do her eyes actually look like that? Welcome to the Age of Photoshop and tinted contact lenses. Combine that with the amazing innovations in lighting that fashion photographers are making use of (flattering geometric shapes created by reflectors and centered in the pupil: in this case a flattened rectangle surmounted by a corona/tiara shape) and it's hard to tell if it's Ms. Ellis-Bextor or sheer photoartistry giving me palpitations.

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