Friday, 20 March 2015

He Doesn't Love You. He Just Wants All Your Money!

Cerebus Archive Number Three
A Portfolio of 10 Limited Edition Signed Prints from 'Church & State I'
Add-On Extras: Bonus Prints, Head Sketches, Bookplates, Birthday Cards, Diamondback Decks and more!


Tony Dunlop said...

Now THAT would be a great BP!

Lee Thacker said...


John Christian said...

It's practicality a moral imperative at this point.

Sean R said...

Unfortunately we don't scans of this painting, nor many of the other commissions Dave did from the end of the book till recently. This one, the "last supper" one, the Yoda one, drunk bartender Cerebus... all would be great. If you happen to own a piece of Dave art that you'd like to contribute, feel free to send scans! Cerebusarthunt at gmail.