Friday, 13 March 2015

Weekly Update #74: With Added Sound & Vision!

In which Dave Sim discusses: the pain in his right hand, progress on The Strange Death Of Alex Raymond, finally printing the remastered High Society 30th Anniversary Signed Edition and scanning Church & State negatives.


Jeff Seiler said...

Way to leave your audience wanting more, Dave! Fascinating and, in some ways, more rewarding than the print version.

I would say keep 'em coming, but I really want you to be whole, so I'll just say thank you and best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

As always, I remain

Yours through and beyond every success and setback,


Max West said...

I hope your hand gets better, Dave. And I thought my work area was messy.

Paul Sommerville said...

The new 'SDOAR' pages look enticing, Dave, and I'm sure you'll overcome any and all obstacles to finishing and publishing it. It's great to see you in good spirits. Best wishes on your quick and complete recovery.