Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Dave Sim Recovery Update #3

On Monday, 16 March 2015 Dave Sim admitted himself into the Emergency Ward of Grand River Hospital in Kitchener having suffered from severe stomach pains during the weekend before. In a matter of days he underwent surgery to remove a section of twisted/blocked colon. Dave remained in hospital during that week while recovering from the proceedure. Now read on...

(via email)
Just got off the phone with Dave [Monday]. He is home and well. We talked for upwards of an hour.

The good news, well, beyond the above, is that his diet will change for the better, including broccoli, but the bad news is that the cork has not quite yet popped. He listed a bunch of foods he has been told to eat, all or most of which are supposed to be easy on his recuperating system, besides broccoli, and he said he will eat them.

We discussed various upcoming projects, and his changes to his work regimen, including some work he is thinking about handing off. I had trouble keeping up with all of the name dropping he kept doing. I know regular, or even casual conversants with Dave, know what I'm talking about, with the name dropping. He was in very good spirits, making jokes, none of which come back to me now, it being late. If I remember them, I'll post them.

As usual, I just listened, for the most part. I learned to do that, back in 2011, when we were sitting by the window in the Kitchener Courthouse Cafe. I was going on and on about something, and he said, "Jeff, SHUT UP!". I then immediately apologized, and then he proceeded to tell me the important information he wanted me to know, as his prayer time was coming up shortly. Tonight, I don't think his prayer time was approaching, but bedtime certainly was. Nevertheless, he stayed on the phone for a while longer and did not rush off, like he normally does.

To echo (I believe it was Eddie's sentiments), it was nice to have, for once in a long time (set aside the heavily-medicated versions) a nice, long, 90% "whatcha up to" chat and 10% "this is what we're going to try to do, business talk". So, business comes later.

Now, it's just nice that they're sending the old man home, in one piece.

I told him that he was my very most favorite person (and I meant that, all the naysayers and snarkers be damned), and he responded that I was (Ed: somewhere on his list).

After the love-fest, such as it was, Dave talked bidness for a while and we negotiated what my pennies could help with. The bottom line was that we will have to wait and see.

He also told me, when I asked about his wrist, that he is planning to set up time for seeing a physiotherapist the next time he goes back to the hospital for a followup visit. Dunno when that will be.

He has to pop that cork, first.

BTW, Eddie, Sandeep, Mike, Dave F., and several others, who all helped out in this Crisis On Southern Ontario World, were favorably mentioned. Or, favourabley mentioned. I dunno. You guys spell it.

Regardless of our border language wars, I think we can all rejoice that the one-and-only Dave Sim (not Sims) is (relatively) healthy.

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Michael R. said...

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for keeping us updated on Dave and it's great that he's home. There's no place like home. I am happy Dave's going to change his diet and hopefully 24/7 work ehtic.

I wish I had a loyal friend like you. Ijust wish I had a friend. ;)

Michael Ragiel

Don A. Smith said...

VERY glad to know Dave is recovering well. I hope he continues to do so and stays comfortable in the meantime. Prayers going his way.

Sandeep Atwal said...

It's Faverabley!

John Christian said...

Excellent news! I am a very glad to hear that Dave has recovered to the point that he could return home. As always, thank you for the update, and please let Dave know that his friends, fans and supporters are thinking of him and wishing him a full and speedy recovery.

Tony Dunlop said...

I'd like to send him a card; any idea if he'll be checking Box 1674 anytime soon?

@Chris_DFS said...

Glad he's doing better and taking medical advice

Lee Thacker said...

Good news! Thanks for the updates.

Jeff Seiler said...

Tony, I'm guessing he'll have someone go get the mail soon, so send a bunch o' cards. I'm going to send a list of everyone who posted once or multiple times out of the first 100 posts here at AMOC.

Everyone else, thank you for the kind comments, but I really do consider it my duty.

If Canada didn't hate me so much, I would go up there now and find a place to stay so I could help him with some of the non-only-Dave-can-do-this things.

Little bit of humor just popped up: Normally, I hate purple cabbage, and I started to remove them from the top of my salad that just arrived but then I thought, "no, that shit's good for...well, shitting."

So, now I'm eating purple cabbage.

Damin J. Toell, Esq. said...

Keeping Dave in my thoughts, as always.

Max West said...

I'm pleased to hear that Dave Sim is out of the hospital and is recovering. Hope he likes the get well card he'll find in his mailbox soon.

Oliver said...

Hope the new diet isn't too terrible and that the recovery continues to go well!

Unknown said...

Tony, I'm checking his mail.

Dave visits his physio tomorrow morning (Thursday March 26). Pics to come (hopefully...)