Saturday, 14 March 2015

Kickstarter Bonus Prints #28 & 29 Revealed!

BP #28: Cast & Cockroach

BP #29: Cast & Moonroach

These illustrations were originally produced for the covers of The Comic Journal #82-83 in 1983 which featured a two-part interview with Dave Sim & Deni Loubert. You can see the final printed version here.

Previously Announced 'First Release' Bonus Prints For Cerebus Archive Number Three:

About The Kickstarter Bonus Prints:
The Bonus Prints are ONLY available as an "ADD-ON" to a portfolio pledge for an additional CAD $9 per bonus print. The above 'First Release' prints are now available as Kickstarter pledge rewards for Cerebus Archive Number Three. 'Second Release' bonus prints #1-21 from Cerebus Archive Number Two are also still available. Once the total pledge amount has passed the $20,000 mark, you may add 12 Bonus Prints from the First Release and/or Second Release BP lists. If total pledges exceed the total raised from the previous Kickstarter campaign (CAD $42,028) all 31 bonus prints will become available.


Margaret said...

Awesome! I love the two new bonus prints - I always did have a soft spot for those Comic Journal covers. Great to see them in large size without the logos and other cover text.

Anonymous said...

I agree! great idea! I would love to see some of the Amazing Heroes
covers as prints as well!

Anonymous said...

For someone who was universally ignored by the comics field, Dave got quite a few covers. Good to see The Comics Journal ones again.

-- Damian T. Lloyd, dmi

Tony Dunlop said...

Dave says - correctly, I think - that he's universally ignored now. I don't think he's ever claimed to have been ignored in his 80s/early 90s heyday. That would be a tough claim to make...

Anonymous said...

Well, he's said at some points that Cerebus was never anything but universally ignored, but he did also admit that he became "a little bit rich and a little bit famous."

-- Damian T. Lloyd, dip