Tuesday, 17 May 2016

On Sale 26 Years Ago: Cerebus #134

Cerebus #134 (May 1990)
Art by Dave Sim & Gerhard


Delwyn Klassen said...

This was one of the first six Cerebus I picked up at a second-hand record shop in Langley, BC. It was the art in the issue previous to this - the dungeon conversation - that really grabbed me, although I wasn't able to get them regularly until mid-way through Fall and the River.

Jeff Seiler said...

Hi, Delwyn! I don't remember your name here before, but isn't it fun looking back? And, btw, isn't it cool (make that COOL!!!), that you bought your first issues of Cerebus at a *record shop*?!?

I think Dave might agree...

And, further, I think that Dave did a great job making Jaka (on the cover, at least) look haggard, worn down and, generally, unattractive. It was a very nice juxtaposition to the cover illustration from a few months before of her not wearing her undies.

Dave Sim said...

Hi Delwyn and Jeff! I've got a copy of this issue that PaulP. a longtime reader in the UK took to a Margaret Thatcher signing for THE DOWNING STREET YEARS and got her sign the front cover (very much against policy: she was only signing copies of her book). It hangs on the wall on the stairway at the Off-White House.

It's Paul's story to tell and he promises to do so someday. Unfortunately, he's in the midst of a messy child custody battle with his ex. But -- SOMEday!

Anonymous said...

The story as I recall it from the letters page was that Paul, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, waited patiently at a book-signing and then, with a disarming smile, put the comic on the table in from of P.M. Thatcher.

She apparently stared at it like a cat had hocked up a hairball and asked, "You want me to sign ... this?"

"Yes, please!" chirped Paul.

Mrs. Thatcher did so, and as Paul was walking away, some of her minders quietly told him (I'm paraphrasing), "You got a rare one, there. She doesn't do that very often."

I think Dave sent Paul a page or two of original art by way of thanking him.

--Claude Flowers