Saturday, 21 May 2016

Calling All Raymond/Williamson Photorealists!

Thanks to Carson G. for the FedEx package of photorealism samples!  BEAUTIFUL STUFF!

I would agree that you will probably find the shift to strict Raymond/Williamson school photorealism RELATIVELY easy.  But I'd offer the cautionary note that the style LOOKS deceptively easy but is actually quite difficult...and that tends to vary depending on the day.  Some days it's "Oh, right, I GET this."  and the next day it's "Oh, right. I SORT OF get this". Speaking as someone who spent seven years at it, I think I'm safe in saying that it's "built in".

I've often wondered if Raymond and Williamson experienced the same thing and to what extent.

I'm going to suggest that you -- and anyone else interesting in "trying out" for SDOAR -- do a Raymond/Williamson combination comic page and "pin-up" from time to time and post the results here.
We'll obviously be able to use the best examples in the books themselves and, presumably, there will be the potential to auction the original on Ebay to justify the time you put in on it.

A great deal of SDOAR consists and will consist of traced RIP KIRBY panels and juxtaposing that with "what was going on" in Raymond's -- and particularly Ward Greene's -- life at the time.  It seems to me that there's a lot of potential just using the basic elements:  September 1956, a white Corvette with red interiors, Raymond, Drake, RIP KIRBY, HEART OF JULIET JONES.

 You can download excellent scans of RIP KIRBY originals from the period at Heritage Auctions'  The style is quite different from what you get from the IDW reprints (except the handful of strips shot from the original artwork).  Put your own words on the piece in ComicCraft's Joe Kubert font:  "Here's what I have to say, visually, about Raymond's accident."



Carson Grubaugh said...

Wow, that package got there quick.

Very happy to hear you enjoyed the package and agree that a few weeks from now I will probably be wondering what in the world I got myself into.

The scan are amazing! Off to study them. I will post a page when I get one I am happy with.

Thanks, again, for being so open to these interactions.

Lee Thacker said...

Some of my own Sim-inspired photorealistic artwork can be seen at the bottom of this page if anyone's interested:

I might try my hand at tracing a Raymond panel or two myself. There are some nice scans of original Rip Kirby strips for sale here too:

Dave Sim said...

Good luck, guys!

Carson Grubaugh said...

How do we post images? It rejects the code for embedding an image.

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Hi Carson,

You'll need to email any images/links to me directly so that I can post them on to AMOC: momentofcerebus [at] gmail [dot] com


Carson Grubaugh said...

Hi Tim,

Fantastic. Thank you.