Saturday, 14 May 2016

Cerebus Re-Read Challenge: Cory Foster

Cerebus Vol 7 - Flight: 
...Flight is great because it's a terrific release after a couple years of very little Cerebus, less humor, and almost no action. The book is extremely frenetic, and it's the most edge-of-one's-seat action not only since the first volume, but in the whole series thus far. Dave's paneling becomes a huge asset again as he's able to push the action forward much more dynamically and fluidly than a lot of other artists at the time. His increasingly strong partnership with Gerhard also facilitates this, as it gives the characters something solid to work against, and a lot of depth to work within. It's a very cathartic section of the story, and I often wonder if parallels can be drawn between the enthusiasm of Cerebus' supporters and supporters of Cerebus at the time... [Read the full review here...]

Cerebus Vol 8 - Women: 
...Dave finally makes good on a part of the story on which he's been slowly shedding light since about 1979. Most readers probably thought to themselves many a time over the years, "what the hell is a 'Cirinist'," and somewhat fewer times, "what the hell is a 'Kevillist'." You have to hand it to Dave, he was never particularly entranced by the concept of world-building -- a valuable tool in the writer's arsenal, to be sure, but absolutely one that gets overused by sci-fi and fantasy writers to cover the fact that they don’t have much of a plot. Dave's priority was telling a story, first and foremost, with the more obscure points of Estarcion's politics being reserved for a wonderful little payoff called Women... [Read the full review here...]

Cerebus Vol 9: Reads
Cerebus Vol 10: Minds
Cerebus Vol 11: Guys
Cerebus Vol 12: Rick's Story
Cerebus Vol 13: Going Home
Cerebus Vol 14: Form & Void
Cerebus Vol 15: Latter Days
Cerebus Vol 16: The Last Day
Cerebus #0 (#51 Exodus, #112/113 Square One, #137/138 Like-A-Looks)
Cerebus World Tour Book 1995 (Swords Of Cerebus Back-Up Stories) 

The Cerebus Re-Read Challenge! How far will you get?
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