Sunday, 22 May 2016

Gerhard Commissions: Jaka's Story

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(from Gerz Blog, 20 May 2016)
Another "Scenes From Cerebus" commissioned by Dean; he also brought us the High Society cover recreation of the Regency; the Church & State courtyard & cannons scene; and the Melmoth street... Soon to be available as a print in My Store.

Gerhard's 2016 Convention Itinerary:
March 18-20: Comicon Toronto, ON
April 8-10: Wizard World Madison, WI
June 17-19: Wizard World Sacramento, CA
July-August: Gone Sailing Georgian Bay, ON
September 8-10: Wizard World Nashville, TN
November 4-6: Wizard World Pittsburgh, PA

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Dean Reeves said...

There is also an amazing six minute video that Ger shot, available for viewing on his blog, that really illustrates (pardon the pun) the amount of time he puts into these pieces.

I've already watched it a number of times.