Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Good news!  Rollie came by yesterday morning around 10 am and by 11:30 am, I had signed Bonus Print #32 [Jacob Moore], #33 [SWORDS vol.4 cover], #35 ["On The Stairs"], #36 [CEREBUS No.301 Christmas card], #37 [CEREBUS No.1 the Eccentric Cover], #38 [New York Comicon '79 program book inside back cover], #39 [CEREBUS No.1 cover 1977 -- 112 of those!], #40 [CEREBUS No.5 cover], #41 ["The Name of the Game is Diamondback" SWORDS vol.1 page over Marshall Rogers' layouts.

As you may have noticed that list doesn't include BP #34.  There is, evidently, a layout problem with the piece that Sean is "investigating".

I had a fax this morning from John Funk telling me that he's revised the schedule and Rollie will be bringing over the remaining Bonus Prints "in the next 2-3 days".

So, we are definitely at a "mid-May" at the absolute earliest for these to begin shipping -- and some "serious coin" for John Funk when it comes to financial penalties.

Sincere apologies as this drags past the "six-month" waiting point.  Whatever we're doing with CAN5 it's definitely going to be structured MUCH differently!

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al roney said...

Thanks for the update Dave.

It's all good. I like knowing something cool will be showing up in the mail someday.

Christmas in May!

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my re-read of the entire run of Cerebus immensely(half-way through C & S volume one).

The remastered versions are spoiling me though (they're fantastic!), as I'll be hitting my old phone books for the rest of the ride soon.