Friday, 20 May 2016

Now, just hold on a minute, there! UPDATE intro:

While I admire Sandeep's optimism, this IS John Funk that we're talking about here.  I've definitely signed everything but let's remember that John's previous "drop dead" target date for getting everything done was April 18 and it was me who asked him to make up a schedule of financial penalties if he missed the April 18 target and we're now at May 20th and it's a long weekend in Canada.  I will be perfectly astonished if anything gets shipped to anyone before the end of this month.  :)

Except for the postcards which I did mail.

And now have a very bad (apologies to Jeff Smith) "gitchy feeling" about, because of the amount of printed type at the bottom of the postcard, under the mailing address.  You're really not supposed to do that because the sorting computers look at the "bottom line" literally.

So everyone that I mentioned in the Weekly Update this week, your postcards should arrive in one week and one day (the U.S.), so including the long weekend, we're looking at May 30 as the ETA.  If you haven't gotten your postcard by then, please post a comment here.  We might be looking at reprinting them with the type at the top of the postcard this time.

Or maybe they'll arrive no problem.

I can dream can't I?

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Jim M said...

Hi Dave,
I got my post card on Monday, but part of the image was smeared...almost like it had gotten a drop of water on it. Let me know if you want me to take a picture.