Friday, 6 May 2016

Weekly Update #133: Reading Reads

A quick update on the restoration of 'Reads' and the Great Cerebus Giveaway.


Jeff Seiler said...


If only I could have done more!

My watch!

This watch--here, take it!--could have bought two more weeks!

$@#*ing computers.

Jeff Seiler said...

BTW, Dave, if you want me to take a fifth (sixth?) pass at "Reads", I could start on Monday. That's a lot of dog-eared pages there...making me an insecure sinecure.

BUT! Monday, I'm your man. 'Til then, though, I'm entertaining Gerhard and Shelly while they are in town for Wizard World Minneapolis Con. The convention center is three blocks from my residence and they are staying even more nearby.

Ger asked me if I wanted to join him and Shel and "the gang" for dinner one evening. And/or just the three of us for dinner one evening.

Yeah, that's right. Bad proofreader boy and Ger and Shel at a fine downtown Minneapolis restaurant.

Take that, fan boys!