Friday, 27 May 2016

Weekly Update #136: New Mr. A by Steve Ditko!

Dave takes a look at Steve Ditko's new Mr. A Comic,
also Dave gets a birthday card from a small child. It has hearts on it.

Robin Snyder can be contacted at:
3745 Canterbury Lane #81, Bellingham, WA, 98225-1186, or
SnyderandDitko [at] icloud [dot] com
All available Steve Ditko books are listed here.

Matt Dow's 60th birthday card for Dave Sim
(click images to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

Dave Sim: Kicking ass and forgetting names since 1956.

--Claude Flowers

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


It's "Natasha Bea Dow". Born February twelfth at 7:09 AM. She was something-something pounds and something-something inches, but she's gotten heavier and longer since then.

I meant to write that on the back of the photo, and forgot.

And I asked Janis if she wanted to send a picture, and she demanded to make a comic...of hearts.

Happy birthday again!

Matt Dow

Jeff Seiler said...

I think I'm the only thing on that card that isn't older than Dave!

Dave Sim said...

Matt Dow - Heavier and longer. Hmmm. If that keeps up, you might want to consult your family doctor. On the other hand, it could just be ordinary human growth. Presumably Natasha Bea will, in the fullness of time, get much larger than she appears in the photo you sent.

Yes, of course. That's it.

Please tell Janis Pearl that her and your card are now permanently in the Cerebus Archive correspondence files. Something I'm sure she'll live to regret as a teenager. But, I'll be 90 by then so what do I care?