Friday, 12 April 2019

Green Dante Green Virgil cover progress (Dave's Weekly Update #282)

Hi, Everybody!

The Jaka's Story remaster has a Starcode!  APR191258 First month orders will be signed and numbered! [Important Sean Robinson Update follows: -Matt]


This is just a reminder that you have until April 25th to order the SIGNED, REMASTERED, SELF-DRIVING JAKA'S STORY from your local comic shop!

Regarding that "signed and numbered" bit-- I've discussed it with Dave, and there's a slight change compared to how it was discussed before. Dave will be signing the ENTIRE print run of the book. If stores order X copies, and Diamond orders Y copies over the initial order of X, Dave will be signing X + Y copies total. But the catch is, we have no idea how many copies Diamond will "pad" the order by. So! If you want a signed and numbered copy, you still should proceed with GREAT HASTE to your comic shop and order a copy! But if you're a gambler, and you want to take a chance on it... you might be able to still pick up a signed copy from Diamond shortly after the street date for the book.

Secondly, we would love to have your help in selecting the image (or images) to use for the Jaka's Story bookplate! We'll be printing these on Avery labels. They're 3.5" x 5", and they will be signed by Dave and machine-numbered. Do you have a favorite image from the book, something that's somehow representative and also an attractive stand-alone image? Do you have a design concept? Well, we'd love to hear from you! Leave a message in the comments, or email us at cerebusarthunt at And I'll send the winner who selects the final image a special prize in the mail.

Thirdly (and lastly)—as I've been going over the book with a fine-toothed comb, I've been mulling over what to do about three of the five Jaka's Story pages sourced from newsprint instead of original art. And I've decided to give a shot to re-toning these three pages, that is, digitally removing the Cerebus tone and creating new tone to replace it.

Are you adept at Photoshop, and have a bit of time in the upcoming week? Would you like to "adopt" one of these three pages for your own? Would you liked to be thanked in the back of Jaka's Story? if the answer is "yes" to all three of these questions, please write to me as soon as possible at cerebusarthunt at gmail dot com!

Thanks for your eyeballs and your time, everyone! I hope you enjoy the book. It won't be long now...



Greg Hyland is Kickstartering the second volume of the Monster Atlas, and if he gets another hundred and twenty-nine bucks CAD ($97 USD), it'll have Gerhard art like the first volume. It'll look a little something like this.

If you're waiting for a Indiegogo live for the Postcard Kickstarter, like the one for the birthday card Kickstarter, I don't know if there will be one. But all the postcards should be in the mail. So watch for the postman.

The remastered Volume 1 is available digitally for $9.99.

And, finally, heeeeeere's Dave

Problems viewing this video? Watch directly on YouTube...

The Auction for this little beauty is up to (drumroll) $275 bucks USD, thanks to: Dion Turner!!! 

Who says:
Matt Dow [well, he used my FaceyBook alter ego's name, but ya know...-Matt], John Christian. After seeing the logo I’m going to put $275US down. Once we start seeing ink this bidding will flip right out.
[doo-doo-do-doot doo-doo-do-doot BREAKING NEWS! BREAKING NEWS! BREAKING NEWS! just received a bid of (drumroll) $1277.00 US Dollars from: 高伯乐 (Gao BoLe)!!!]

Next Time: More about the genitals of comic book characters than you really wanted to think about. (No pictures. Well, yes there are pictures, but not of THAT!)


Jeff said...

Okay. SMR? In ascending order, my Top Ten (No, no, no, Jeff! Don't get overly ambitious!), er, Top Five recommendations for the Jaka's Story Remastered Edition Bookplate:

Number Five: The cover of issue #114, in color. (Hi, M.!)

Number Four: The image that is on page 383 of the phonebook (2nd printing)--Jaka's been in prison, mostly sadly, all of her life.

Number Three: The image that is on page 206 of the phonebook (2nd printing).

Number Two: The image that is on page 184 of the phonebook (2nd printing)--Jaka was either literally or metaphorically, after her 12th birthday, nearly always closing doors. (BTW, ever notice how many doors there are in this story?)

(Drum roll) Number One: The sketches done by, first, Dave (of a pubescent Jaka, head and shoulder, in profile) and, later, by Gerhard, (of that infernal door, along with a nice vase), on the frontispiece of my phonebook (2nd printing). I can scan it for you.

Hope I make the cut. And you guys owe me back some of my lifetime, after looking again (for the 23rd time) at every page (without reading, this time, though). Good thing I'm retired, eh?

Michael Grabowski said...

My suggestion is for one of the images or sequences of Oscar writing. My favorite would be the four panels of p.273, or the top two panels of p. 287, 2nd printing. The first sequence particularly reminds me of Dave's public image at the time, (the cool smoke ring-blowing writer-artist, not the robe of course), and works as sort of an author's photo, given Oscar's role in writing "Jaka's Story" within the Story.

Jeff said...

Well (as Death said): Fuck. Me. All of those pages I flipped through last night and I completely overlooked Oscar (or, "Oscar"). Although, I have to admit, a little voice in my head kept saying, "What about Oscar?" and I kept saying, "Not important enough." Sheesh!

Good on yer, Michael!