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Cerebus Around the World and Web #48 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!

Oliver Simonsen:

A few month's back Dave created a Cartoon Network pitch with the heaviest of heavy hitters
And now Cerebus will be on NetFlix! Well, if these guys have anything to do with it. So far they are not scared off by our unusual requests and Dave is onboard and has designated me "point man", which is a huge honor. So we'll see. OR maybe one of the other huge streaming services like HBOmax, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc Especially considering after reading this...
It seems NetFlix is not "Creator Rights" friendly. What kinda crazy deals are people signing up on with them? I love Michaela Coel - and even more now after reading this. Let's hope Dave and the Cerebus team can make some real money befitting such a legendary creation without asked to sell one's soul. If things come together it might just raise awareness of Cerebus, the Cerebus community, indie comics and "Creator Rights" in general.
Thanks to Chad Bilyeu, creator of indie comic "Chad in Amsterdam", for the yahoo link.
As an aside new Conan the Barbarian coming to NetFlix

Issue 1 remastered expanded received

Favorite non superhero comic is "Cerebus in hell?"

"Cerebus in hell?" cover featured in podcast

Someone got the latest "Cerebus in hell?"

A look at an upcoming "Cerebus in hell?"

Cerebus has fantastic hand drawn SFX

A look at Aardvark Vanaheim and Renegade Press

Podcast on new and old, from Cerebus to Shadowhawk

Miles Paulson draws Cerebus

Moon Roach panels shared

Jaka panel shared

Bought Cerebus thanks to Comic Tropes video

Cerebus this month in 1988

Cerebus issue 18 reviewed

Luke Korolowicz draws Cerebus

On a Cerebus kick

"Cerebus Retcon" part of the vernacular

"Cerebus Syndrome" part of the vernacular

A fan of Cerebus

Cerebus reread

I'm not doing InkTober this year, but where did we leave off with "Space Vark" again...oh right burgeoning romance!
[Click for bigger? -Matt]

(Complete with pencil lines - think the cats got a hold of my eraser:(. It's here somewhere. Speaking of inking and somewhere: I read somewhere that Will Eisner had very loose pencils and did most of the drawing in the actual brush inking phase. I'm no Will Eisner but as I'm learning brush my pencils get super loose. Brush really is as they say almost "a cheat" - it's much faster and a brush line makes even a bad drawing look a little livelier:))

Cerebus and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cerebus movie possibility

A youtube look at Reads

axtlar: "Cerebus and Teenage Mutant crossover Issue # 8, July 1986. This is the month and year I was born, so this one of significance to me."

Cerebus and MoonShadow

Cerebus and Star Wars

Cerebus Facebook Group

In a comment thread on Facebook, Sean Robinson shares Remastered Phonebooks printing expertise:
Most of our work is with Marquis. I have a five-year relationship with them now, and they do a fantastic job (especially if all of the specs have been worked out very well beforehand). It really does pay to be a pain in the ass, in the most specific of ways. Every client matters to them, and they're extremely receptive to feedback of all kinds. It's much easier to have a personal relationship with them where they learn exactly what TYPE of pain in the ass client you are :) And their presspeople are quite skilled!

I supply 1-bit images at the resolution of the platesetter, i.e. 2400 ppi. As long as you can get the printer's prepress department to actually set their RIP engine to not downsample the files, it's [teeny tiny screentone] a lot less of a risky proposition.

I'm definitely VERY pleased with the last six books that have been printed (MINDS 2018, HIGH SOCIETY 2020, CEREBUS 2016, JAKA'S STORY 2019, C + S II 2019), and so far it's kept getting better. One day (ONE day) we'll be done and I'll have a bookshelf full of them!

Ron Essler draws "Iguana the Cerebus"

Raymond Mountford got dick

David Hartman shares the goods

Dion Turner: ‘After-gag Guy’ letting the CiH? Team down with a no-show in ‘Attractive Cousins’.

David Hartman: Hi, everybody! I'm new here, but an old fan. Is it possible that Dave Sim is going for another record (most cover swipes) with his Cerebus in Hell books?

John Christian: Can someone remind me please what the print run is on this one?

Phil Cawthorn:
Well, I just reread Jaka's story, and was thinking that it might be a good place for someone to start. If not for the prose - personally, I don't really like Oscar's style. Anyway, it shows how great the story gets, the characterization is deeper than anything thus far, it's the start of cerebus as a more humbled person which for me adds humor to him. I think it was one of the later issues (the cirinists raiding the tavern) that inspired me to read cerebus from the begining.
Oh, and I've always hated thatcher.

Gunther Tony shares Cerebus issues

John P Garrett:
I found a bunch of issues from 100's- to 200's for a buck each...
I bought a few.. Flaming Carrot.
Both Ascension's End..
If you had to pick say...20 within that range which do you consider must haves due to cover art or stories or even letters pages ?
I scraped up a few bucks and would appreciate any help in spending it wisely.

Lee Bentley:
Untold Tales of Cerebus We'd Like To See: What must Astoria and Julius' marriage life have been like, if this is how they converse after they divorce?

Lee Bentley:
For me, one of the side benefits to enjoying Cerebus all these years has been Dave's references and discussions of classic literature and the authors thereof. I'm curious to know your opinions of Dave's theory about Ernest Hemingway, as presented (somewhat obliquely) in the story of "Going Home" and (explicitly) in the annotations for same.
I mean, WILL Dave's epitaph be "He Got The Story Straight About Mary Hemingway's East Africa Journal"?

Lee Bentley:
We all have, sir. We all have.

Lee Bentley:
OK, Cerebus has just met princes Mick and Keef and gotten thoroughly wrecked on modified booze. Elrod and the Secret Sacred Wars Roach appear and Claremont breaks out of SSWR's noggin to shriek warnings about the tower to Cerebus. (The tower, we later learn, always falls over and destroys the city, killing millions of people, so it's worth worrying about.) Meanwhile, Astoria is at (street level, maybe?) of the tower and sees SSWR approaching...and she's DELIGHTED. Why? What was she expecting the SSWR to do?

Lee Bentley:

Lee Bentley:
Cerebus Jams/Crossovers I'd Like To Have Seen Dept.:
Cerebus and Groo the Wanderer - it may seem too close to Cerebus and Elrod, but Groo had one major advantage that Elrod never did: Groo was a great fighter, which might have made for some awesome action scenes. Plus Aragones/Evanier's wonderful sense of humor mixed with Dave at his most playful.
Cerebus and The Badger - I'd love it both ways, actually - Badger crossing over into Estarcion AND Cerebus being conjured into Badger's reality. I crave to read Mike Baron's take on Cerebus as a character and see Cerebus interact with some of Badger's bizarre coterie of villains. (See, also: Cerebus and Judah Macabee from "Nexus".)
Cerebus and Conan the Barbarian - No, really, hear me out: a super serious fantasy adventure story with the brutal but cunning Conan meeting the equally brutal and cunning Cerebus the Aardvark. A caper story told in Howard's rich fantasy world.
John Christian in the comments:

Cerebus VS Groo

Will Gray:

James Windsor-smith shares without comment

Jeramy B Lamanno:
I just wanted to remind/inform y’all that you need this. I’ve been a Cerebus guy for 30 years but didn’t know about this until last week when looking at Margaret’s checklist. Two early short stories first published outside of the regular series. One is good, the other is great. Includes the first meeting of Cerebus and a very major cast member that is summarized in caption at the beginning of issue 14.:)

Don Murray: My first post here. :)
Back in November 1993 at what was then Mid Ohio Con I had my first and only meeting with Dave. A good friend told me he’d do a head sketch for me when he signed my books. Something inspired me to ask him to do it on the back of my denim jacket. Which he graciously did.
Fast forward to May 2015. Gerhard was appearing at Motor City Con and he added a brick wall background.

Me: "Strictly hypothetical of course, but if there was a Forrest Gump like movie based on Cerebus' barbarian years - any ideas for a good tagline?"
Menachem Luchins in the comments: It really depends on the tone you're going for: Conan parody? Awesome action/animation/CGI/Whatever? Straight Fantasy? Hopes for a Sequel?
My response: Well, that is a good point as Cerebus' life goes through many tone shifts - even just the early barbarian years. Strictly for the sake of argument, of course, let's say it's issue 1, (the beloved issue)4, 5 and 13 and a tiny bit of others told through the prism and framework of "the retcon origin issues" 195/196 which it can be argued propel and informs most of Cerebus' life. It allows for tone shifts within the movie while still tying them together - some commonalities exists though...those issues are all missing some of the Cerebus hallmarks admittedly ie in none of those does Cerebus lose his cool or manipulate anyone and come out of it totally victorious...he's more a victim of circumstance. Also let's say the film is CGI with some 2D for certain psychedelic dream like scenes. It's not a mainstream blockbuster, it's for "comic book film elitists" lol. It's quirky and unique - maybe closer in tone to a Wes Anderson/Charlie Kaufman animated film than Marvel. Those early issues are about the length of a Looney Tunes cartoon and not sure how to expand on a Looney Tunes cartoon so like Forrest they cover a life - with an ending that sets up for a sequel but has also pretty much let on how that is going to go in case there isn't any. If there is a High Society sequel it will hopefully have a budget and like the comic be even more polished:). The beginning has a butterfly sequence which with a reasonable facsimile of the Gump soundtrack could set things up like that movie did with the feather. And it's in keeping with Cerebus' penchant for parodies too.

John Christian:
Dug out some old boxes of stuff that was in my office at the store when I sold it, and boxed my stuff up. This was stuff that I haven't opened up and looked at in almost 25 years. Found any number of cool and interesting items that brought back memories, including a couple of Dave/Cerebus items that I thought I would share. The coolest is probably this item here. It is a sampler comic/souvenir program for the "A.C.E." show (Alternative Comics Expo) in Vermont in 1995. The sponsor retailer sent me a copy because I had sponsored the Austin, Texas show earlier in the year. It features a cool one page strip by Dave in the style of Jeff Jones, and a nice Cerebus/Eagleheart piece by Jeff Matheson which was auctioned off to benefit the C.B.L.D.F.

John Christian: These are the other Dave items that I ran across in the old boxes that I unpacked last night.

Anthony Kuchar: A classic by Ed Piskor

Thanks Oliver!

Next Time: Can I get away with doing Please Hold For Dave Sim twice?

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