Sunday, 1 November 2020

Cerebus Around the World and Web #52 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!

Has it been a year already?

Oliver Simonsen:

THIS will lead to a Cerebus cartoon series

Cerebus Halloween style!
ONE DAY ONLY OFFER!!! Spawn #10 Halloween Edition
PLUS: Cerebus enamel Cloisonné pin with glow in the dark eyes for the full-on eerie effect!

AN EXCLUSIVE *uncensored* version will be available from
from 12:01 AM EST until 12:01 EST on November first.
[I hope everybody who wanted one, got one. I know that didn't happen, but I HOPE -Matt]

David Teddy Torres Mojica: Received my Spawn 1️⃣0️⃣ 2020 Remastered Ashcan Edition in the mail today from The Waverly Press. This one is numbered 61 of 300 and is signed by Dave Sim and also came with a couple of numbered cards. Interior pages are all black and white. Artwork is nice

Remastered and Expanded Spawn #10 bought

vdwcomics: It's like Christmas! Spawn 10 remastered ashcan, number 86 of 300

Shoutout to the Cerebus/Spawn kickstarter

"Cerebus in hell?" is a New Comic Day pick

"Cerebus in hell?" bought

Rare edition of "Cerebus in hell?"

"Strange Death of Alex Raymond" recommended (in Portuguese)

cgccomicsbro: Something you don’t see every day one of the two highest graded that exist.

the birth of real independent comics came in 1977 with Cerebus

Dave Sim signature and drawing in Cerebus issue

Enjoying Cerebus (in Spanish)

Elric and Elrod

Cerebus issue #19 "when the story starts getting weird" reviewed:

Reading Cerebus

Savage Dragon panels/pages reminds Chris of Cerebus

Reminds one of "Bazaar Heroes Graphic Read" in Cerebus

From the Cerebus/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover (in Spanish)

Where's there's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles there's Cerebus

Named after Cerebus comic

Cerebus essay in the works

Jamie Cosley draws Cerebus

Cerebus is a nice aardvark

James Smith draws Cerebus

Cerebus last to go

Cerebus Syndrome part of vernacular

Fractured reality

Cerebus "Church and State" highlighted

Cerebus card and cameo in comic "Poison Ivy Gulch"

Cerebus and "Comics Scene"

Cerebus, USA Today, George Takei and Melanie

Cerebus panels shared

Dave Sim gave nicest compliment

Matt Dow got to write for glamourpuss

Cerebus art on the wall

Dean Reeves shares his prized possessions
[Click for bigger -Matt]

Cerebus "motion" comic (click link to see)



Cory Foster: Did I miss something about the "censored" Batvark Penis issue? It was supposed to be in stores on the same day as the "uncensored" one, right? I never got it and now they're doing a second print?

Chad Lambert: All of the comic sites are listing a new edition of High Society out today with bookplates? Does anyone have any additional info?

Giacomo Santangelo: Hope everyone has an Objectively Happy Halloween!

William Lopez: So I’m in the process of getting all the phone books and received this in the mail today. It seems odd compared to the other ones I’ve gotten so far. It’s church and state 1 but it doesn’t include the volume 1 under the title and lacks the typical spine information such as title and number. I tried researching this but couldn’t find anything. Does anyone know what the deal is with this?

Kevin Kovelant, Gilles Coin, Gary Boyarski and more in the comments: it's a first printing.
Jeff Seiler: You should NOT read that copy. First printings of the phone books are rare. And, some have binding issues.
Tyler Symes: At least Church & State has a picture on the spine. (it's Melmoth)

Lenny Cooper: Duh oh! No first printing for me!

Tony Tower: "First print of HIGH SOCIETY (blue arrow) was the same deal" And yes he bound the volumes to the right:
Did them myself a few years ago. I bought everything from mid-CHURCH & STATE onward off the stands as single issues, and since the glue on the phonebooks could be so dicey, I liked the idea of binding them better. . .

John Christian: My phonebooks. I have the "no title" spine editions of C&S 1 and 2, Jaka's Story, and Melmoth. The titled spine versions are remasters.

David Rankin: Here's my collection, mostly first prints, showing Flight as the first with spine text! The first four I got bound into hardback although the paper I used for the dustcovers have somewhat browned!

Ron Essler: Back in 2006, during the weekend Gerhard quit, I was hanging out with him and Dave at Mimi Cruz's house, when I saw her and her husband Alan's Cerebus trades, and the first five had no printing on the spines, and that's how I found out that the first printings were that way.
Margaret Liss: There are a few more phonebooks that don't have titles on them. As far as I know, the first one that was the 3rd printing of Melmoth. And I saw I saw a Cerebus volume 1 with just the title and Dave's name on the spine, but no number.
Though Nathaniel who has a more comprehensive knowledge of the phonebook printings then I do could probably say which phone in the early 90s started the title on the spine.

Nathaniel Radman Oberstein: Unfortunately, I'm still missing 16 Trades. And I'm still missing one of the Swords. I also haven't updated my list in a bit. The ones in red without checks are the ones I'm missing.
[Click for bigger -Matt]
[Click for bigger -Matt]
James Windsor-smith: My cover of the Cerebus Newsletter, published by Margaret Liss and digitally enhanced by David Branstetter

John Glismann: TMNT # 8 from 1986. I know you bought it. I did, too. The other stuff is from Cerebus.

Thanks Oliver! (For the past year, too.)

Remastered Spawn #10 Preliminary Art (There are also original Cerebus pages up at Heritage.)

HERMANN #1 has gotten FOCed.

I hope you picked up the Vault of Cerebus this past Wednesday. 

Next month, pick up Spider-Whore.

Signed copies of Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back (Signed by Dave, Signed by Dave and me, Signed by me after I scribble out Dave's name, Pretty much available Signed only...).
Check out the new Cerebus masks and whatnots. PENIS and XXXXX added. (I'm not adding the Second Print cover unless there is actual demand.)

As you all know, Wilf Jenkins was the Aardvark/Vanaheim lawyer for years, and during that time he was on the comp list. Wilf saved all his copies. Dave and Wilf have signed them, and there's a certificate of authenticity. The books will be available from Looking For Heroes, for $10 (CAD) plus $4 dollars shipping to Canada and $5 dollars shipping to the USA. All the money goes to the Food Bank of the Waterloo Region.

Next Time: Grandma got run over by a Hellspawn, coming home late on Halloween


Fumerkeys said...

Are you saying the uncensored Spawn 10 will be available again? Or was this just a wrap up of events. Its says 12:01 am -12 on November 1st and I didn't see anything during that time.

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

What did Gerhard quit in 2006?

-- Damian

Steve said...

I appreciate the insight into other collectors and their individual focus.

That's a LOT of phonebooks!


Unknown said...

Damian: I've heard conflicting stories, but it was in Salt Lake City at the Ye Bookees of Cerebus Art show at the public library where Ger told Dave he wanted out. I secretly fear it was something I said/did that got Ger to tell Dave he quit. (If it was, I blame my wife. Like a Good Cerebite...)

Steve: Nate (the Goddamn Batman) is Dave's go-to guy for which volume is at what printing. Dave has said that if Nate doesn't know, it's unknowable...


Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Really? Haha! Well, I doubt if anything you said made Gerhard jump off a horse he wasn't ready to dismount. The only one responsible for Gerhard's decisions is Gerhard. He seems to have recovered, and I'm freshly amazed every time he posts a new piece on his blog. Jeez, that guy can draw!

-- Damian

Tony Dunlop said...

"Jeez, that guy can draw!"

Seconded. He's a force of nature, that Gerhard.