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Cerebus Around the World and Web #67 by Oliver Simonsen

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Oliver Simonsen:

Cerebus and Jaka Valentine card suggestion

May Southall, childhood friend of Dave Sim and "Cerebus TV" Producer, uploaded to his youtube channel Dave Sim's generous spotlight on my indie comic Captain Zap - here with additional voiceover by comic creator Robin Barnard. Check out the amazing and prolific work of Robin Barnard... and cohorts of "Barnstormer Comics" here (43 issues of "Star Jaws" so far!)

Cerebus issue 1 shared

Cerebus issue 1 Remastered shared

Cerebus and Spawn Vault Edition

Cerebus does the Sin Kevitch Challenge in the spectacular webcomic Comicverse

which also featured "A Moment of Cerebus" Editor Matt Dow's Sin Kevitch Challenge which even caught the attention of Bill Sienkiewicz himself

Signed Cerebus Portfolio is most prized possession

Dave Sim draws best snow

David Benes draws Cerebus

Cerebus is "Bizarrely brilliant, filled with complex characters and chocked full of mind-bending cosmic ideas this is a comic series for the ages."

In Italian (thank you google translate): Cerebus, the most beautiful, intelligent, brilliant miniseries (300 episodes) ever (self) produced

Spanish editions of Cerebus

Norwegian, who started reading Cerebus when 14 in 1983, revisits Cerebus issues 1-25 as he compares #1 to Conan #3 saying Cerebus is muchmuchmuch better written.

Next he revisits the High Society arc issues 26-50 reminding us that Cerebus featured within it's comics Fantagrpahics and DC ads. He also shares a pic of his stuffed Cerebus doll. And he compares the Fantastic Four and Cerebus sideway covers both on sale at the same time

30th anniversary of Church and State

Chaplain and Missioner Pete Bangs wonders if "Cerebus baby throwing scene" is also Giles inspired

Mr Richard Lennox - selfproclaimed Ed Wood of gay fetish porn says Cerebus is influenced by Beardsley adding that Cerebus is a must read from start to finish, even for non-geeks
here's Dave on Beardsley

"Clod" in Italy ponders if David Aja is inspired by Cerebus

Cerebus is culture (in Spanish)

Webcomic ponders the fate of a Cerebus movie

Cerebus joining MCU

Author of Eververse from Image comics explores Cerebus' WandaVision like cameo in 1963 series also from Image Comics

When it comes to comic book adaptations it can be a long and winding road for sure. I don't know how many announcements we hear of nearly every week yet how few ultimately get made. Nimona based on the webcomic (and published as a Graphic Novel by HarperCollins) created by Noelle Stevenson seemed particularly like a sure thing with only 10 months left of production and yet it is for now cancelled:(
It was even originally announced to have a release date of February 14th 2020.

Low budget 7 years in the making Sword and Sorcery grown up animation movie ‘The Spine of Night’ starring Lucy Lawless done in the rotostyle of "Fire and Ice" by Bakshi/Frazetta is set to premiere

Cerebus recommended as Comedy-Drama for adults.

Cerebus and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cerebus and Chew

Cerebus and Spawn (in Spanish)

Cerebus and Groo tattoo reshared

Dave Sim and Phil Foglio

Dave Sim and Alan Moore

Dave Sim and ARK magazine

Heavy Metal and 2000AD artist Stefano Cardoselli draws Cerebus

What's a home without Cerebus

Review of issue 23

Comics plugged by Cerebus the "Godfather of Indie"

Cerebus original art (i love the zoom feature - see full page in link)

Cerebus Syndrome part of the vernacular

"Cerebus Syndrome" part of Spanish vernacular

Andrew Rilstone reshares his recent Cerebus review series

Award winning Jesse Lee Herndon's ongoing Cerebus... vlog review series has hit a major milestone as it's finished the exegesis portion! Now there's a movie adaptation waiting to happen.

Thanks, Oliver!

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Cerebus in Hell?

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