Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Swords of Cerebus In Hell? Cover corrections

Benjamin Hobbs:

Last week I sent Dave the proof copies for SWORDS OF CEREBUS IN HELL? Volumes 1-3. 

All of the covers looked sort of like this:

Same Red logo, same orange flames.

 Dave sent this fax in reply:

Next Week: The Amazing Batvark #1 is ON SALE at your LCS!


Jeff said...

Yes, please, page numbers. So I don't have to lick my fingers to turn the pages or flip back and forth. I mean, page numbers are THE easiest thing to do in publishing. One is followed by two, et cetera.

RSS said...


Jeff said...

Dave's PPS and PPPS were/are nice, little, quiet shoutouts to how I used to amend my many letters to him.

So, thanks, Dave for the chuckle and chortle.