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Cerebus Around the World and Web #68 by Oliver Simonsen

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Oliver Simonsen:

I got interviewed by incredible indie comic creator Brian Payne - my portion starts at 13:20

CBR highlights Cerebus/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team-up

Bleeding Cool article spotlights Disney and Cerebus joining forces?

Upcoming "Cerebus in hell?" spotlighted

Get the T-shirt
[Actually, that's the Varkdalorian shirt, here's the real one. -Matt]

Cerebus in "Age of Ultron"?

Looks forward to delving into Cerebus for the first time

Bought Cerebus #1: " new favorite book in my collection!!"

Cerebus review of #24 which contains according to the reviewer
"one of the funniest jokes I'd ever read in a comic book"

Early Cerebus was very funny

Has so far collected the first 250 issues of Cerebus

Comic and Film reviewer Kyle Pinion has collected all of Cerebus

Comic and Film reviewer Kyle Pinion has unconditional love for Cerebus

Letterer Matt Krotzer says Cerebus is amazingly lettered

Award winning comic and storyboard artist David Hitchcock draws Cerebus

Cerebus around and around and around the world (in spanish - thank you google translate)

Norwegian revisits Cerebus issues 51-80: "Church & State is a fun, pretty brisk read: Many things happen, but the pacing is just about perfect, and we’re drawn into this pretty interesting and very entertaining storyline." "’s funny, and you can’t argue with funny."

Schwarm shared Cerebus shirt
[That's actually Batvark. -Matt]

Cerebus Syndrome part of the vernacular

Cerebus highlighted

Cerebus wraparound cover for CBLDF anticensorship issue

Cerebus is favorite nonsuperhero comic

Cerebus and Bone best U.S. comics (In Italian)

Cerebus and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cerebus and Savage Dragon

Cerebus and Spawn issue 10 review: the art is fantastic and the writing was pretty 90s edgy but in a good way

James Smith draws Cerebus

Cerebus and Quint from Jaws top list of "major characters with a fondness for apricot brandy"

Cerebus a great example of "slow motion scene in comics"

Cerebus example of "conventional human and funny cartoon character romantic tension"

Chris Van Ryn draws Cerebus

Cerebus first comic one started to collect

Cerebus, Ed Piskor and Quasimoto (translated from Portoguese)

Paul Poirier: I had posted the greyscale image of this a few months ago, but one of my Facebook friends decided to go the extra mile and colour it. I think it came out great!
Chet Minton - art
Nancy Haarbrink-van Der Werf - colours

See previous greyscale version here

Dave Sim appearance in Cerebus at the top of the list

Dave Sim and mind reading

Award winning Jesse Lee Herndon's ongoing vlog series will be completed tomorrow (If I've done my math right)!! And again if I've done my math right...i think it's like 6 years since the first one? Jesse deleted and reuploaded the first videos to his current youtube channel so not 100% sure.

Thanks Oliver!

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Cerebus in Hell?
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