Tuesday, 2 February 2021

It's Elizabeth Taylor's Wedding Anniversary!

Hi, Everybody!

On this day in 1957 Elizabeth Taylor got married:

Happy Anniversary Liz!

Next Time: Sausage.


Anonymous said...

I prefer the earlier, funnier ones.

Jeff said...

Just got off the phone with Dave. Our last part was a discussion about the upcoming impeachment trial and Dave talked about how, as I agree, it's a waste of time. And, then, he said that he envisioned Trump flying up to Washington and sitting in the Senate gallery "with a Big Gulp and a bucket of popcorn."


Brian West said...

I am of a different mind, Jeff.

Even if President Trump were not convicted by the Senate I still would believe the impeachment trial would be worthwhile. There’s something to be said for how hasty the House created the Articles of Impeachment. Nevertheless, the trial has to happen, if for no other reason than to dissuade future Presidents and lackeys from taking the course of action President Trump, Misses Powell and Ellis, Mark Meadows, Giuliani, et. al. took to disrupt, and even usurp, a free and, by every objective measure, fair election.

Is it foolhardy to have this trial? Possibly. But is it futile? Not at all in my mind.

Jeff said...

I totally agree with you. It has to be a matter of record. I just thought that Dave's comment totally summed up what this will amount to. The Trumpists will not convict.

God bless Romney and his small group of cohorts for having the courage of their convictions, but the rest of the Republicans are too scared of their constituents to stand up and do the right thing.

BTW, this from a hitherto life-long Republican.

Dave's comment was still funny.

Brian West said...

Jeff, didn't intend to ruin the joke you and Dave enjoyed there. I am sure it was funny. I am just having a hard time seeing the jokes with #45 these days. I envy you two in being able to still get a chuckle out him.

I wish the best for the GOP. My fear is that it will take the party quite some time to disengage from the extremist elements that have taken hold since 2016. It's not just at the top, but in the roots too. I hope the Republicans in the Senate who have had a spine will embolden the ones who might be fearful and embarrass the ones who are amoral (my Senior Senator from KY) or are just plain stupid (my Junior Senator from KY).

I admire Murkowski's spunk and Mitt's resolve. Anywho, I will shut up and get back to promoting comics.

Thanks for sharing your convo with Dave and the thoughts about the trial.

Brian West said...

Well, well, well, Jeff, looks like cooler heads have prevailed in the House. The Lady from Wyoming was able to retain her leader ship role during a secret vote. Good news for the Republic, bad news for the extremists.

Anonymous said...

Dave's hypocrisy and Jeff's bootlicking are predictable as always. If it had been Obama who was responsible for 400,000 deaths through his own incompetence, or who incited a mob to attack the Capitol building and murder a police officer, he would have called for the death penalty, but since it's the radical right, all is well. Nothing to see here. Popcorn. LMFAO. Etc. So much for the rule of law and the Constitution. No doubt Dave the "anti-feminist" is a big Marjorie Taylor Greene fan! Ha!

Brian West said...

Ok, Jeff. You and Dave might be on to something there. So that idea of President Trump munching on Orville Redenbacher and slurping on a suicide flavored Big Gulp ™️ does not sound as farfetched as I had originally thought.

Brian West said...