Saturday, 2 May 2015

Gerhard: Paint & Canvas vs Tablet & Stylus

Hosted by Keith Callbeck

Join moderator Keith Callbeck for a spirited debate between traditional art and art in the digital age. The art panel, which took place at The 2015 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, features a spectrum of digital and traditional artists who can speak to the pros and cons of each method and what has worked for them. Covering topics as varied as artistic "flow", monetizing physical art, preventing repetitive stress injuries, and how 4,000 pages of art board originals could be hazardous to your floor.

(via email, 30 April 2015)
Hey Tim! Here's a link to a podcast of the panel I did at the 2015 Calgary Expo. Not sure anyone's going to sit through an hour and a half of it, though. You could probably stop about two minutes in, after I introduce myself and then somebody says "We could end the panel right here."

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Eddie said...

Love hearing Ger talk about the sheer amount of effort and work he and Dave put into Cerebus. And I also like how it sounds like he's thumping on the table near the beginning as he's explaining the process he used. Reminds me of K'Cor on the panel in High Society; "Tablets do not make a comic book! Computers do not make a comic book! An artist makes a comic book! And Elrod is an artist!"