Sunday, 10 May 2015

Aardvark News Round-Up

Puma Blues: New art by Michael Zulli
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New Zulli Puma Blues Art!
The Dover Books twitter feed (@DoverPubsDrew) is posting new art by Michael Zulli to be featured in the forthcoming Puma Blues collection, which will also boast an introduction by Dave Sim, the original publisher of the monthly comic series. Pre-order your copy at

Meet Gerhard At The Motor City Con!
Gerhard follows-up his recent appearance at the 2015 Calgary Expo with his next convention attendance at Motor City Con on 15/16/17 May, which also features guests Neal Adams, Matt Wagner, Simon Bisley, Ted McKeever, Don Rosa and many more!

Chris Oliveros Steps Down As D&Q Publisher
Noted journalist/commentator Jeet Heer reacts to the news of announced changes at Canadian indy-comics publisher Drawn & Quarterly:
"The fact that Chris is able to pass along his company to a new generation is also a rare achievement in Canada, where many small presses tend to be one-generation affairs. Prior to Chris, Canadian comics publishers tended to be flaky and eccentric: Dave Sim, Bill Marks. Chris created an actual company that will have a long life past his retirement."
More details of the changes are discussed at The Globe & Mail.

Major Kurtzman Biography Features Dave Sim's 1974 Interview
Bill Schelly's new book from Fantagraphics on the life and career of comics legend Harvey Kurtzman (MAD, Trump, Humbug, Help, Little Annie Fanny) features snips from a young Dave Sim interview with Harvey in 1974. Read the full original interview as it appeared in CANAR #25 here.

Reassessing The Cerebus Tumblr
Sandeep (I Knew Dave Sim...) Atwal is the man responsible for the current @CerebusOnline social media initiative and is seeking feedback on the timing and content of the Cerebus Tumblr which aims to make all of Cerebus available to read online for free. Post your thoughts in the comments section here.

Cerebus 'Action Figure' Update
News just in from George Peter Gatsis is that he is sending Dave Sim a disassembled, boxed prototype of the HUGE Cerebus action figure with hints of a future Kickstarter campaign to raise the required +$6k production funds. Will Dave give his approval for the project? Will he be able to assemble the action figure? Watch this space!

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Travis Pelkie said...

Re: the D&Q bit (just read what's quoted here, not the whole article), while I'd say "eccentric" is probably a relatively fair, if somewhat derogatory term, for Dave, "flaky" definitely doesn't fit. He couldn't have put together 300 issues of a monthly comic along with the trades and other business concerns if he was "flaky". (I know, that's probably more on Vortex's Bill Marks, and sure, that's probably right.)

If I recall as well, D&Q has also gotten money to run things from whatever the Canadian equivalent of the NEA is, while Dave's never tried for or gotten any government money. It's probably a bit easier to build a company if it's partially governmentally funded than if you have to basically solo it.

This is not to say that D&Q isn't a wonderful comics company that puts out good stuff, but if you're going to qualify Dave's accomplishments in a certain way, you also have to qualify D&Q (which it may in the article, haven't read it yet).

Kit said...

Heer notes that Canadian prose presses take up to 90% of their funding from the government, and D&Q less than 10%. And IIRC, they have only started accepting grants in the last 11 years or so, and on an artist-sought per-book basis.

Travis Pelkie said...

Fair enough. I guess I should read the article. Thanks for doing the hard work, Kit!

(Actually, with the bit about the prose presses getting so much government money, I'm reminded of the old National Lampoon Radio Hour skit with the Canadian Newsreel, and how the "sinister Canadian Nazi party" was supposed to hold a book burning, but had to cancel when not enough books by Canadian authors could be found to start a fire. "Would-be burners of possible books, the sinister Canadian Nazi party". Heh.)

Hey, now that Dave's utilizing the health care system his tax dollars have been paying for for years, maybe he ought consider that he's been paying taxes to fund grants and he should look into a government grant for publishing...