Monday, 11 May 2015

From The Archive: Jerry Siegel

Treasures From The Cerebus Archive: Jerry Siegel's letter to me about RICKY ROBOT. I really should have done a lot more work with him even though he was really not commercially viable. How ELSE do you repay the creator of SUPERMAN for the profession you work in that he basically invented?


Tony Dunlop said...

I understand that Dave didn't have time for anything but A-V and Cerebus back then - but what a shame that nobody else took up Mr. Siegel on his offer to collaborate.

Dave Kopperman said...

I wonder if the script for Zongolla still exists? I could very much see that working, now.

Max West said...

Wow. It's amazing that Sim was able to communicate with a legend like Siegel. It's probably not unlike how cool it was for animators at Filmation Studios back in the 1980s to be working alongside veterans from Disney, Warner Brothers and Fleischer Studios.