Monday 25 May 2015

Dave Sim: Falling In Love


Anonymous said...

A very candid and honest self review.
It shows a self-awareness many of us would do well to try to attain.
-Taylor R

Steve said...

Speaking of secular humanists, Robert Heinlein's definition of love went something like this:

"Love is that condition in which your own happiness is directly dependent upon the happiness of someone else."

Good as far as it goes, I suppose.

As for what is to me a definition of God's love as expressed to our comprehension, I've found I John 4:9 helpful:

"In this way God made known His love for us: that He sent His only Son into the world that through Him we might have eternal life."

(My own paraphrase of several translations.)


Jeff Seiler said...

To me, in my experience, falling in love is like the LifeAlert commercial: "Help! I've fallen and can't get up!"

Or, maybe it's Timmy fell down the well and Lassie is off somewhere out of earshot, licking his balls...

And before anyone else says it, it's "can't get up", not "can't get IT up".


Anonymous said...

Something fell.

Sandeep Atwal said...

Watch out, lovers who lie! Sexual assault by deception could become a criminal offense

Tony Dunlop said...

The comment thread to the article Sandeep references is pretty amusing. e.g. can I sue if it turns out she's not a real blond…?

José said...

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