Saturday, 23 May 2015

Aardvark News Round-Up #3

Cerebus Guide To Self-Publishing
The recent release of the digital download version of the long out-of-print Guide To Self-Publishing drew a guarded response from Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter who noted:
My hunch without re-reading is that this may serve better as a historical document than a how-to and as a world of insight into the unique publishing achievement that was the 300-issue Cerebus best of all. 
Other opinions strongly disagreed and argued that it is still a highly relevant resource, most notably by Stephen Holland at the Page 45 store in Nottingham, UK. In a review of the first edition back in 1997, Stephen said, "Without a doubt I would not want to enter this industry as a creator without having read this first, regardless of whether I intended to self-publish or sell my creativity to/through other publishers...".  A recent tweet confirmed that his opinion still stood:

Why not risk $9 and decide for yourself?

Gerhard At Motor City Con
Gerz Blog this week posted a wall of photos from Gerhard's guest appearance at last weekend's Motor City Con. Here's just a couple of great Cerebus illustrations swiped from that post:

Charles Burns At The Believer
The McSweeney's Store is now offering a giant poster of 130 portraits drawn by Charles 'Black Hole' Burns for the cover of The Believer magazine. Sadly, that poster doesn't include the Cerebus illustration the magazine ran back in 2005, but it's all the excuse I need to run that picture again. As Dave Sim said at the time: "Wow. A Charles Burns Cerebus. Hitler or Rembrandt: once a fanboy always a fanboy." A gallery of Charles Burns' portraits can still be seen online at the Adam Baumgold Gallery.

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