Friday, 15 May 2015

Jeff Seiler's Cat

Jeff Seiler's Cat (2015)
Art by Gerhard
(from My Birthday Call WIth Dave, 2 May 2015)
...I should mention that, when I told Dave that Ger was going to do a commissioned piece of art of my cat, Dave said, "Wow, that should be a pretty big piece of art board!" See, every time I get on the phone with anyone, including Dave, eventually, the cat wants to get all up in my business. He (the cat, not Dave), is FAT. Weighs at least 20, maybe 25 pounds. So, when Dave said that, I laughed and said, yeah, since the picture is of my cat all stretched out, yeah, that's probably going to be one LONG piece of art...

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Jeff Seiler said...

My cat measures 4 feet, if u measure from his outstretched front paws to the tip of his tail. He stands a good foot off the ground, and his favorite thing is to be patted and rubbed up and down on his back.

Like a dog.

There are times, I kid u not, when I call him "puppy-dog".