Friday, 27 January 2017

Collecting 'Following Cerebus'

Today’s entry is certainly a little different. The first is a handwritten fax from Dave to me that is dated October 2, 2008, with a copy sent to Craig Miller (former publisher of “Following Cerebus”), which addresses my fax to Dave regarding the lengthy delay in Craig putting out the 12th issue “Following Cerebus”. In my fax to Dave, I told him that I would be willing to help him get the articles laid out and printed:

Hi Jeff--
Craig has pretty much sole custody/sole responsibility for Jennifer... My best guess is that it’s pretty much futile (for that reason) to discuss FC until Jennifer starts kindergarten (which I think is another year or two away)... Until then, Craig isn’t going to have time for anything else besides rearing (not raising) Jennifer.

You could suggest doing the Collected FC #1-11 -- that is, doing all the work on it with a team of volunteers but that decision is up to Craig and John. FC is their magazine and has been from the beginning.

Putting the magazine together is the fun part so I doubt Craig would be interested, after doing all of the heavy lifting on #12, to let someone else put the last three pieces in the jigsaw puzzle.


CC: Craig Miller


The second is a handwritten fax from Dave to Craig, with a copy sent to me, dated October 10, 2008:

Hi Craig--
The way the direct market is set up the only sales you are going to get is on "fresh meat", i.e., what you’ve solicited in this month’s PREVIEWS. There is virtually no back issue market anymore. Over a decade or so, once you have something on the STAR system, you can get on the retailers’ short list of perennial sellers they constantly reorder, but to get on that list you have to be reliable, which FC hasn’t been. Issues 1 to 10 or issues 1 to 11 as an omnibus collection might get on that list, as I say, over the course of a decade or so.

The only permissions you would need to get is for material you paid for: Joe Bob Briggs, period. It’s the Internet Age, Craig, and FC is a fanzine. No one is going to cause a stink and if they do you cut them a cheque when they come whining.

It isn’t complicated at all and I’m sure the Yahoo volunteers would be glad to provide assistance to make it happen.


CC: Jeff Seiler -- you can post this if you want.

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