Sunday, 1 January 2017

SDOAR: Back To The 'Pencils'

Carson Grubaugh:

The holidays, with all of the family obligations to sit around and natter on about furniture shopping, health issues, etc. slowed me down a bit this last week. I did manage to complete all of the tracing for the bridging material and have completed another two and a half pages worth of pencils. Below are some samples.

Dave, in the sequence represented in the tracing below do you want each panel to be a completed image, or is the idea that there is a single drawing that gets more finished as the sequences progresses?
Having all of the repeat images makes the penciling part of this process a lot easier because I only have to draw a given image once and then can paste it all over the place in Photoshop. I do still like the idea of actually inking each panel of the finished art, however. There is something about each page being a finished, show-worthy piece of art that appeals to me.
I am now doing almost-daily updates of every bit of progress I make over at Dave's Patreon Page. It is the only way to see all my progress before the book comes out and costs as little as $1 a month!
Have a great 2017!


Bill Ritter said...

Carson, I very much appreciate the Patreon updates, as well as those here. I know it's (lots of the) extra work, but it is absolutely fascinating reading.

And I encourage everyone to join Patreon to get a lot more devilish details on World Sim. More than worth the price of admission!

Carson Grubaugh said...

Thanks, Bill.

There are a lot of interesting extras on the Patreon that I wasn't aware until I got on there. All of the research notes, the Bone commentaries, etc.

Dave Sim said...

Yes! Thank you, Carson! And thank you, Bill!

Dave Sim said...

Carson - I was going to leave that up to you.

There's two different ways that you can go: each panel essentially being THE panel in progress (that is, each panel with more inking on it) or each panel being finished in its own way.

I'd pick the latter one, personally, because if you end up with a really sweet looking "in progress" panel where you're pretty sure the "sweet" comes from the part you've got inked and if you ink any more of it you're going to "lose the sweet" then you can just leave it. And you can copy any effect that Worked from panel to panel.

I forgot to mention that I used the same hand over and over again (I thought it gave it a kind of comedic Terry Gilliam collage quality) but you're under no such constraint if you want to shoot some pictures of your own hand that are more appropriate to the panels in question.

Carson Grubaugh said...


Even though it means more work, I agree that the second approach seems more appropriate. The first option somehow implies too much duration of creation in every panel prior to these, rather than Jack just going about being.

I agree, the same hand coming in from all kinds of angles it wouldn't come in from is much more comedic. It is one of my favorite visual aspects of those pages.

Dave Sim said...

Carson - Congratulations on keeping the nose ring looking like a nose ring! No easy task!

Carson Grubaugh said...

No boogers! Ha-ha. Thanks, Dave.

The next major challenge of microscopic proportions is the lettering on the brush in the remaining pages. I don't want to abstract that out like I have for a lot of other lettering. Time to bust out a sewing magnifying light!