Friday, 13 January 2017

Weekly Update #165: What Scrudder Found

What did John Scrudder Find?
Find out right here!


Jeff Seiler said...

Dave? I echo, but edit, Mr. Mercury's sentiment, in that I hope you are enjoying your non-#&$@ing life.

Anonymous said...

still haven't gotten my 2 personally signed copies of dave/kevin cerebus/turtles prints from the first kickstarter...

George Peter Gatsis

Jeff Seiler said...

Oh. Yeah. That's what those were. Forgot about that.

I think I received mine, but now you made me look, GPG, ya' daffy bastid.

George Peter Gatsis said...


Don't you MURDER the English language you fargan bastish! You cork sucker! ... :)
(loved that movie)


Dave Sim said...

Hi George! You got your two signed prints, personalized to you by me and you asked me to give you Kevin's address to send them to to get them signed by him. I told you, at the time, that I couldn't commit Kevin to personalizing them to you and sending them back -- it was an ENORMOUS contribution for Kevin to agree to draw his "half" (more like 3/4s) of the print. It was your choice to send them to Kevin and, from the sounds of things, you didn't get them back.

I will send you two more copies from The Cerebus Archive signed by me and Kevin if you're interested and will be happy to personalize them to you.

But please don't make it sound as if I promised you prints personalized to you by Kevin, because I didn't.


George Peter Gatsis said...
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George Peter Gatsis said...
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Jp Pollard said...

Make that guy a regular feature, please. More John Scrudder!

Steve said...

Anything's better than Jeff's phone messages while singing those damned parrot songs.

Travis Pelkie said...

Scrud-stud is foulmouthed!

Drooling about those prints. Hope they'll be part of the kickstarter rather than separate eBay stuff, since I do the Kickstarter and not ebay. The Turtles one, besides looking amazing, would be extra nice as TMNT 8 was one of the first Cerebus comics I read (via a copy of the First color reprint, actually, that a local library had...has? I should check for that. I think that was gone ages ago.)

OK, will we learn how they ended up in South Dakota, of all places?

Dave Sim said...

Travis - Synchronistically with John's phone message, I had just started researching my RIP KIRBY Commentaries for the "Caged Songbird" storyline (1950) which features "A cafe in Montana" and "record store in Chicago" two-panel transition. Ward Greene almost never does anything for no reason (that I can see) and it's always worth checking because it leads in some very interesting directions (which is why the Commentaries for the episode I just finished, "The Return of the Mangler" ran 320-odd pages.

So I measured the distance from NYC (the location of the strip) to Chicago and where the equal distance would take you in the direction of Montana. Somewhere IN Montana? WHERE in Montana? Turns out that the equal distance from NYC to Chicago lands South Dakota. Using my ruler to describe an ark, while keeping the pivot point on Chicago, the only spot it intersects with is...

Faith, South Dakota.

Scrud-stud is, indeed, foul-mouthed.

Jeff Seiler said...

Dave, I have spent enough time with Ger to know that whatever Mr. Mercury has to say about his conversations with Ger (presumably, based on Friday's entry) is probably not entirely flattering of you.

I like Ger a lot. A lot. As I have always said, "No matter where you are, Ger Hard is always the nicest guy in the room." He and Shelley are a great couple.

I have rarely worked with a person long enough for me to dislike him, or her.

I have often worked with a person long, or short, enough for him, or her, to dislike me.

You guys worked side-by-side for 20 years.

I usually got kicked out in a few months. :)

So, spoiler warning:

Whatever Ger has to say about Dave, I have always taken with a huge grain of salt.

Likewise for what Dave says about Ger (although that tends to be less).

Think Kirby had stories to tell about Stan? Think Lee had stories to tell about Jack?

I like both of them, Dave'n'Ger, for different reasons. After 20 years, I don't think there is any dynamic (or otherwise) duo who wouldn't have different versions of the same event.

Remember, there are always three versions:

The first two and, then, what actually happened.

So, Mr. Mercury, let's see what you have to say.

Dave Sim said...

Jeff - This is the reason that I say -- pointedly -- that I don't have friends. Why I say that you and I aren't friends. Friendship is always a "leverage" thing in my life: "I'm in proximity to you, Dave, so I can say REALLY REALLY unpleasant things about you TO you." I realize that: I realize that that's what you call friendship. I don't know why you're all like that, but you're all like that. It seems really weird to me is all I can say.

I don't really talk about the people that I know/knew or the people that I worked with. I don't really talk to people period. I work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, I pray, I fast, I read Scripture aloud. People's choices, generally, speak for them, I find. Good or bad. I think I've made good choices since 1996. I'll find out on Judgement Day.

I haven't seen Gerhard -- except briefly where we exchanged a few words -- for ten years and only intermittently before that. He worked at home for the last four years on the book. It seems ludicrous to me to talk about someone you saw that seldom. What would be the point? What could you possibly say about the person that would be of value? To whom? Why?

Jeff Seiler said...

Well, Dave, I really can't recall any time when I have said or written anything unpleasant about you to anyone, let alone to you. But I understand that you meant that remark above in a general sense and not necessarily directly about me. Maybe? I hope so. But the truth is, I'm the guy who's always saying good things about you to anyone who asks and to a lot of people who don't ask. To the point where I get flak for it here at AMOC. But I have no delusion that that makes us friends.