Monday, 9 January 2017

Gerhard: 2016 Cons 'n' Commissions

Gerhard's 2017 Convention Itinerary (so far):

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Mike Battaglia said...

Anyone know what those large-spined Cerebus books were at 0:41?

adampasz said...

Boo. No SF.

Margaret said...

Mike - I can tell you they aren't from AV or any of the translated copies of Cerebus. I think they are custom bound single issues / phonebooks. This ebay auction looks like them.

Margaret said...

Looking at the pic from the auction and the video, they aren't the exact same books - but I still think those were custom bound issues.

Jeff Seiler said...

Yes, according to Ger, they were custom-bound volumes of the complete run of Cerebus (unlike the set on ebay). The guy, whose name escapes me now, showed up at one of the cons last year and asked Ger to sign and sketch each volume. Ger did, but told me later (IIRC), that he would never do that again. It took him all weekend, including time in the hotel room. Presumably, Shel didn't color any of them (something she's really good at). Or did she?

Jeff Seiler said...

Presumably, the guy used at least some of the biweekly issues to be bound. If *I* had original numbers 1, 2, and 3 (which I don't...aargh!), I certainly wouldn't do that to them.

BTW, that's me in the shot at 0:55, enjoying a libation with Ger after he sketched my book at the Minneapolis con. Later that day, after the show, I took him and Shel to see my cat (of whom he previously had done a commissioned piece--my apartment is two blocks from the convention center--and then we three went out to eat at the now-shuttered Japanese restaurant across the street from their hotel, which is also two blocks from my apartment building.

It was a very efficient visit.

Travis Pelkie said...

It says something to the strength of Ger's character, and/or stomach, that he still plans a nice con schedule for this year despite having spent a weekend at a con around Jeff ;)

Good thing my inner pedant (aka inner Jeff ;) ) didn't kick in before I watched the video and saw this was a year in review, because I would have said "but these con appearances are 2017!"

I hope Ger and Shel like the Emerald City one and get back to it next year. I'm not making it this year, but I may shoot for 2018.

And mostly GAH! Is there any way we can get a book of some sort collecting the various things that Ger drew that were shown in this vid? Cerebus as Captain America, Cerebus as Dr. Evil, the Tick stuff, was that backgrounds for a Don Rosa Uncle Scrooge?! I must wipe up all this drool off my keyboard!

Mike Battaglia said...

Margaret and Jeff, thanks for the clarity on the books. I was wondering if it was something more lofty, like a private, fancy run financed by a wealthy fan, or something new altogether. I knew that neither of those ideas were likely, but I never would have guessed it was a stack of custom-bound original issues.

Anonymous said...

I don't see Ger listed for Seattle. Gerhard, maybe reach out to the Emerald City Comic Con people and ask them to update the website?

--Claude Flowers

Jeff Seiler said...

Now, Travis, to my knowledge, you and I have never met. But Ger and I had met several times and I had first met Shel the previous year, in St. Louis. I think they both enjoyed my company--a friendly face who wasn't just one of the other artists on "the circuit". I will probably go see them somewhere again this year, so--fair warning, Ger & Shel!

Travis Pelkie said...

Ah, ya know I'm just funnin' ya, Jeff!

Steve said...

Hi Everyone -

Those custom bound hardcovers were done for Corey after he won a bound Swords set I listed on eBay. I provided the issues from a full run I had (#1 to 25 being reprints) and he plans to eventually put together a run of original #1-25 himself, and then hopefully I can finish off his Cerebus project.

I charged him less than that current eBay auction (which isn't a full run and not my auction or books) and I spent the time and effort to add in as many of the Apocrypha stories and editorials as I could, where they belong chronologically as best I can tell. So, I used multiple issues of the Tour book and at least one Swords volume, but after a year and no easy access to my notes I can't quickly say just where I put what.

Much of the additional material, of course, goes in the first volume; there's much less Apocrypha material after that.

Needless to say Corey is very happy with the set.

I had in prior years bound other runs of Cerebus, either issues or phonebooks, and had plenty of good bids for them on eBay. Several years ago I sent Dave one of the Swords volumes I did, he appreciated the convenience of having the material easily available for reference.

Gerhard ran a different picture of Corey (back in April I believe) in his blog.

The $crooge commission is also mine. Don Rosa was kind enough to do the Goose Egg Nugget image and Gerhard did his wonderful background.

OK, gotta go - it's dinner time!