Friday, 20 January 2017

Weekly Update #166: Tales From The Wedding Present Redux

This week, Dave checks out a bunch of comics, including Tales From The Wedding Present!


Lee Thacker said...

Thanks, Dave. Glad the comics arrived safely. I've got the first ten pages and cover for issue 13 fully pencilled and lettered already and I'm determined to get another three issues completed this year.
I'll do my best to get a signed picture to you - not sure when we'll all meet up again but it's on my 'to do' list. Cheers!

Glen said...

Prize fighting might be an option for Dave in raising money for the Cerebus Restoration Project.

Or if Dave prefers regional MMA fighting.

Think about it.

Anthony Kuchar said...

Where can one buy copies of Tales from the Wedding Present?

By the way Dave, my CAN6 came in yesterday and it looks amazing! My dad saw it and was very impressed. I showed him that and the last one with Jaka.

My dad commented: "I think he has a thing for distressed blondes" lol, pretty obvious?

Take it easy!

Lee Thacker said...

You can order copies of Tales From The Wedding Present here:

Dave Sim said...

Lee -All right! Good jump on your 3 2017 books! I appreciate anything you can do. And, oh, hey -- can you sign the comics when you send them?

Definitely becoming a nice little pile of books in the Off-White House Liberry.

I have to admit, I had to pick up the George Best stuff purely from context. "What? What's going on?" But then it was REALLY funny. "I'm not buying the new Wedding Present t-shirt because it has George @#$%ing Best on it." Depending on where you live, you'd take your life in your hands wearing a George Best t-shirt. You wouldn't have time to explain that it's a Wedding Present t-shirt before you were kissing the pavement.

I remember on one of the UK Tours -- Liverpool, I think -- the store owner, staff and Stephen and Mark and Ger and me were crossing the street to go eat somewhere. And a driver pulls across the crosswalk in front of Ger, so the car's tail end was blocking us. And Ger goes, like "EXcuse US!" sort of thing and the guy backs up in a hurry and, near as dammit, just about got Ger's feet. And then floors it and he's away. And Ger and I are looking at each other, like, WTF? And, whoever it was, said, "Uh, Liverpool LOST today." As if it explained everything.

Which, actually, it did.

Dave Sim said...

Glen - Nice idea, but I ruled that out WAY back when. I just wanted it sorted out between me and Jeff. As Paul Newman says to Tom Cruise in THE COLOR OF MONEY: "Let's clean this up." Turning it into a circus of some kind -- even a little circus -- would completely defeat that purpose.

Dave Sim said...

Anthony - Astute observation on your Dad's part. Tell your Dad and Mum I say "Hi" by the way. Oddly enough, the distressed look has its seminal point of origin in the photo of Jacqueline Kennedy witnessing LBJ's swearing the oath of office on Air Force One. I was, like, seven at the time and it had a REAL impact because she looked so much like Mrs. Bisgould, one of the teachers at Forest Hill School. Who later became my teacher but who wasn't at the time. Mrs. Bisgould was always happy, so an unhappy Mrs. Bisgould became a genetic memory. Lots of pictures of Jaka with that anguished profile.

Of course, I know now that Mrs. Bisgould looked like Jacqueline Kennedy. All the women imitated Jackie's Marilyn Monroe "do" she adopted after Marilyn died (which is sincerely creepy: odd that no one remarks on it).

Travis Pelkie said...

Bury the lede! Postage stamp -- oh, yeah, we heard about that before, didn't we?

Scrudder...Scrudder is just an odd guy, huh?

And let me say to Jesus (and anyone else featured in the update this week), if you've got a comic that's not getting looked at elsewhere, contact me and I'll take a look at it over at the Atomic Junk Shop, still the only place (I think) to find an online review of Cerebus in Hell? 0!

Go ahead, email me at atomicjunkshoptravis at, with either a link to your comic or a PDF or something.

/end shameless self promotion

Jeff Seiler said...

Scrudder is Mr. Mercury. I think that explains it all.

Travis Pelkie said...


Jeff Seiler said...

You don't know about his mercury story?

Travis Pelkie said...

No, haven't heard. I'm guessing, just from these couple of phone messages, that he consumed it? ;)

Jeff Seiler said...

John had a glass jar filled with mercury from his...grandfather's(?) jewelry store. The glass jar filled with mercury was on the top shelf of a bookcase. (Yeah, I see from the look on your face, you can tell where this is headed.)

One day, John was moving stuff around, or something, and the bookcase with a glass jar filled with mercury on top of it got knocked over. The glass jar filled with mercury hit the floor. The glass jar filled with mercury broke.

The mercury, which just recently had been in a glass jar on the top shelf of the aforementioned bookcase, immediately dissipated. John's efforts to "clean it up" were in vain.

John and his housemates had to get immediate medical treatment. John's housemates were not (NOT) happy campers. The EPA was called out to clean up the toxic site and ordered the house to be gutted. Nothing but walls.

At this point, John's former housemates were no longer his housemates.

God knows, I've done some stupid things in my life, but I've never kept a glass jar filled with mercury on the top shelf of a bookcase.

That's the story of Mr. Mercury. BTW, this story has been told, publicly, before. So, I'm not violating any EPA gag order or anything.

Travis Pelkie said...

Yow! That explains a lot, though. "Here, sonny, have a jar of quicksilver, it'll cure what ails ya!"

Lee Thacker said...

Incidentally, you can order copies of Tales From The Wedding Present here: