Monday, 2 January 2017

On Sale 31 Years Ago: Cerebus #82

Cerebus #82 (January 1986)
Art by Dave Sim & Gerhard

Diamond Order Code: OCT140536


Mike Battaglia said...

Hmmm... I wonder if this cover was drawn during Dave's pot-smoking days? Hmmmmm.... (strokes chin in deep contemplation).

I remember looking at this cover for a few minutes before opening the issue, thinking "yes, this is easily the best comic book series on earth."

Jeff Seiler said...

There's nothing like two boobs the size of four heads to make you forget about everything else.

Mike Battaglia said...

Jeff --

Unless you're into a lower part of the anatomy on the other side of the body that starts with "a" and rhymes with "class" (irony alert), in which case they could be the size of six heads (or .5 heads) and it really wouldn't matter.

Jeff Seiler said...

Ha, ha.

It is to laugh.



Hah, you ass.


Dave Sim said...

Hi Mike - It was drawn during my pot-smoking DAYS but I sure wasn't smoking much pot at the time. We were in Gainesville, Florida at the Gainesville Hilton and it was a while before we found anyone with any for sale. If this wasn't the first thing that we did when we were down there, it was very early in the visit.

[The Comic Art Metaphysical idea behind this sequence was that -- having decided that I had accidentally anticipated Alan Moore's emergence into the comic-book field with the Little Fellow With The Hair way back in CEREBUS No.25 and given that Alan was tearing quite a swath through the field with SWAMP THING -- it was my way of indicating: "Look, I think I can 'play even' with Alan himself. But Alan grafted onto SWAMP THING is another matter entirely."]

[The answer to that was WATCHMEN. "No, Dave, you can't 'play even' with Alan." Which I'm not sure was true: the WATCHMEN characters were mostly Steve Ditko creations with their names changed. "You're grafting Alan onto Steve Ditko characters, so no difference."]

On a pure illustration level, it was a chance to do my best Bernie Wrightson inking. And this cover and this issue are really my BEST Bernie Wrightson riffs.

The Florida link is always vivd with this section of the book: issues 82, 83 and 84 were drawn down there.

The (ROUGHLY) 11,000-word essay in the CAN5 Portfolio covers a lot of the Gainesville Hilton territory for those interested in what was going on at the time. Diamond order code STLO32612.