Friday, 13 January 2017

People Who Haven't Signed The Petition...

Two letters (both faxes, both handwritten) for today's entry, since they're both short. The first one, dated September 16, 2008, is pretty self-evidently to answer a couple of questions I had asked of him. The second letter, dated September 19, 2008, refers to my having notified Dave of a post at the old Yahoo Group, put up by Nate, regarding his having visited a comics store in New York, where he saw that they had a copy of one of the Gold Editions of glamourpuss #1 that Dave had signed "To Jim Hanley's Universe, 1/1 Edition" for sale for $100. Nate had thought that since Dave had sent this as a gift to the store, Dave should know that it was for sale. I now have a vague recollection of having gone to the hospital on an outpatient basis for a blood test back then, but clearly I didn't have anything seriously wrong with me as, eight years later, I'm still kicking and still as ornery as heck.

16 Sept, 08

Hi Jeff--

I open mail from people who haven't signed the petition all the time... I just either a) don't answer it or b) send them a copy of the form letter.


P.S. No, I don't usually have an Eid [Al Fitr] feast at the end of Ramadan but then I also don't feast at the end of each day of Ramadan (which, I gather, is customary), sticking strictly to a) salad, b) vegetable juice, c) bread, d) canned pineapple for all 30 days.


19 Sept, 08

Hi Jeff--

Actually, that was my intention with the Gold Seal Premium copies -- that the store do something attention-getting with them... some of the stores raffled them off... I'd say putting $100 on it is pretty attention-getting! What I wanted to avoid was stores giving them to their best Cerebus customer and therefore have it vanish without a promotional trace.

Tell Nate thanks for his concern, though, and I appreciate him relaying word through you.

You take care as well... don’t forget to call about your blood tests... and say hi to K.



Travis Pelkie said...

"We're not entirely sure what happened, Mr. Seiler, but we've run the blood tests twice and it appears that you're pregnant. Congratulations, sir."


Kidding, of course.

Dave Sim said...

Jeff? Travis is kidding, right?


Jeff Seiler said...

Let's just say, Dave, that my next shower will be in July or August...

You should have your petition all filled in by then, so you can come on down for that.

Tony Dunlop said...

Your next shower? Will the new President be involved, by any chance?

(Sorry everyone - couldn't resist.)

Travis Pelkie said...

Hey, it was a golden opportunity, Tony.

Plot twist -- it turns out that Jeff's baby isn't Dave's, but Sandeep's! Will this tear everyone apart? Will Damian have to be called in to raise the child? Will I stop watching soap operas to try to outdo their wild plotlines? Duhn-duhn-DUHHHHHHH!!!!

Steve said...

What I want to know is, what's so special about K?

Or is it just that J and K have always been close?


Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

"Now listen, Sweetums: A is for Aardvark, B is for Bear, C is for Cerebus ..." Hey, this parenting thing isn't so hard!

-- Damian

Travis Pelkie said...

And if the baby gets too annoying, just toss it somewhere!

Dave Sim said...

Travis - I hope you aren't Baby-Throw Creator-Shaming me. Baby-Throw Creators are people, too, you know!

Travis Pelkie said...

I am very pro-Baby Throw, and pro-Baby Throw Creators. Although one would be hard pressed to prove that Baby Throw Creators are people :)