Sunday 29 January 2017

Swords Of Cerebus Vol 1: The Name Of The Game Is Diamondback

The Name of the Game is Diamondback:
“I was a quarter inch off the page trying to ink very interestingly and meticulously,” says Dave.

Published between 1981 and 1984, Dave's six Swords of Cerebus volumes were his first attempt to collect the book in a more permanent form. He gave each story included in these volumes a prose introduction, explaining where the book stood when he’d been working on that particular issue and how he was thinking of its prospects at the time. This example's taken from Swords volume 1. Also check out the full 'Swords Of Cerebus' Introductions Index.

This story, which was laid out by Marshall Rogers from Dave's script, is the first of Swords' exclusive bonus tales, which would go on to feature Cerebus work by Barry Windsor-Smith, Gene Day, Joe Rubinstein and Gerhard.

Diamondback Card Set
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Next week: Demonhorn... and some lousy poetry.


Unknown said...

Wow! Interesting. I do my RIP KIRBY Commentaries on the typewriter and the past few days were a nightmare. I buy the ribbon cartridges from a US outfit twelve at a time and the ribbon I was using last week turned out to be flawed. Of course I didn't know that at the time -- I thought the typewriter itself was dying. About every fourth letter was just incredibly faint, so while writing my Commentaries...

[a lot more difficult than "video-typing" (my term) on a computer where you can rearrange things and delete a whole line with a keystroke: you have to get the phrasing straight in your mind before you even start typing]

...I had to backspace over every line and re-type the faint letters. Sometimes having to type them three or four times before they actually showed up. Part of me was going "I'm not sure how long I can keep doing this" while another part of me was going "This really isn't altogether different from how the rest of my life has been going for the last few years". Finally the ribbon itself seized up (which about one out of every three or four does) and wouldn't advance any further.

[I've decided to send those back from now on with a polite WTF? note. I doubt I'll get credit or replacements, but no harm in trying].

Turned out it WAS just the specific ribbon. I put a new one in and this one is working just fine.

I've learned a certain amount of patience over the last forty years or so.

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Dave: Typewriter ribbons can be problematic -- moreso these days, it seems, when there is less demand for them. (Full disclosure: I still my Smith-Corona and use it for non-important work. Nothing like that satisfying "thunk"!) But if you're having this happen between 25 and 35 percent of the time, I suspect your typewriter might need a check-up; that's a higher failure rate than I've ever experienced. I know: more cost in time and money ...

-- Damian

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

(Gah! "still like my ..." -- may the spirit of Jeff S. forgive me!)

-- Damian

Jeff Seiler said...


Hey, as you may have noticed from yesterday's comments, Damian, I'm still alive and kickin'. ;)

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Oh really Shecky?


AND kickin'?

I, I say, I wanna see some Rockette-like dancing and an electrocardiogram, an EKG that is.

Matt Dow

Jeff Seiler said...

Aaand, KICK-step, three, four; KICK -step, three, four...


See? Good as ever.

Hi, Matt! Best to you and the family.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


That's not the REAL Shecky McAsscrape!

The REAL Shecky McAsscrape CAN'T do the Rockette highkicks without Ukulele accompaniment.

Don't be FOOLED!

Accept no substitutes!

Matt Dow
(And I question that heartbeat too...)

Jeff Seiler said...

Say, Matt do *you* need a CAN6 portfolio?

Maybe a brand new Beer & Iguana comic book, featuring Jeff, Shecky...this time (instead of that filthy hippie Toondis) would win the contest for you...

Jeff Seiler said...

I'd play the ukelele for you if I could stand up...

Nice to hear from you, my friend!