Saturday, 7 January 2017

SDOAR: Pencils complete

Carson Grubaugh:

Hey all. I just finished the pencils for the bridging sequences that will take us up to issue 5 of SDOAR. Here a couple of pages from this week.

The page that may cost me my career as an academic; for the sake of a really good joke:
And, the cure to the curse.
Work starts back up for me on Monday. The plan is to ink T-Th-Sat-Sun and teach, focus on class prep M-W-F. Things will slow down a bit, but Volume One will complete pretty soon now!

Now that there will be less SDOAR updates to share my plan is to post the rest of my Cerebus commentaries, every other week.

You can check out the rest of the progress at Dave Sim's Patreon site for as little as $1 a month.


Jeff Seiler said...

Is the joke Dave's braced hand or the "Psycho" reference?

Inquiring minds...and so forth.

Carson Grubaugh said...


I didn't even think about the hand-brace visual resonance, but that is a cotton glove I wear while drawing, to keep my oily skin off of the paper. The glove is more clearly a glove on at least one of the previous pages. Interesting.

As for the joke. Guess you will have to buy the book ;) (Like that isn't going to happen. Ha!)

Lee Thacker said...

I'm sure the joke was alluded to in one of the Patreon updates, but I won't spoil it by revealing it here - her expression says it all!!
BTW - incredible 'pencils', Carson. The finished work is going to look incredible, I'm sure.

Paul Slade said...

Is it something to do with the little hearts?

Dave Sim said...

Carson - Bob Burden used to wear a sock on his hand when drawing for the same reason, with holes cut out for the index finger and thumb.

Travis Pelkie said...

Ooh, low cost artist gloves! Good idea from the mastermind of Flaming Carrot!

Oh man, if FC comes back this year, that'd be so great too!

"The kittens are not for catching alligators!"