Monday, 30 January 2017

Jeff Seiler's Generosity 1/30/17

Jeff Seiler has generously offered to send two of the four CEREBUS ARCHIVE NUMBER 6's that he (very generously!) ordered from us to two former CAN Portfolio purchasers (I believe that's Jeff's criteria: it has to be someone who has supported an earlier Kickstarter) who -- for whatever reason -- couldn't afford to get one this time around.  Actually, what he wanted to do was to "donate" them but we're really not set up for that, Jeff, I'm afraid.

If you're in that category, please put your name and e-mail address in the Comments section so that Jeff can contact you and make arrangements to send one of them to you.  First come, first served, I would guess, unless Jeff says otherwise.

And, thank you, Jeff, the moneygrams for me and Sandeep arrived.  Even though Jeff had won the auction for the BLACK ANGEL and PARTIAL BLACK ANGEL copies at $103 U.S. he sent a moneygram for $100 US for EACH of us (in line with his commitment to bid up to $200 for the comic books).

A-V's financial situation being back to the usual state of precariousness (after briefly improving just after Christmas), I'll be returning my moneygram to you as a "credit" on your last proofreading bill along with a check for the balance owing.

Many, many thanks, Jeff!

And now: "The Name of the Game is Diamondback":


Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Jeff S.: That is very generous of you. Thank you for helping a couple of fans whose enthusiasm exceeds their pocketbooks.

-- Damian

Malcolm X said...

Thanks Jeff!!!

Jeff Seiler said...

My pleasure! Sincerely.

Jeff Seiler said...

Don't be shy, folks. First come first served. Just prove to me that you've supported before and didn't buy a portfolio this last time.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to buy the portfolios in any of the campaigns, but I have supported the last three campaigns by pledging for the digital rewards...So if you have no other takers who DID buy a portfolio at some point, and are willing to open up your give away to other who have supported at a lesser level, I'll gladly take one off your hands.
-Benjamin Hobbs

Dave O'Connell said...

I'd like one please, if purchasing ala carte digital items counts as "supporting." Hell, I could take a picture of me with my Cerebus collection if you want (though we might be venturing into "contest" territory).

-Dave O'Connell

Dave O'Connell said...

My email is (delete the Xs).

Jeff Seiler said...

Dave? Whaddaya think? Do they qualify?

Or, *should* we make this into a contest? A la, the "first ten Mick or Keef sketches..."?

We *could* have some fun with this and drag it out, so that I don't have to slog them down to the P.O. in the snow and ice...

Tim Gagne said...

If one is available I know Steve H would like one. Hit a patch and has been working nights. HE got the first 3-4 and I got him the last one.

Unknown said...

Jeff - It's up to you. All I do is make enemies when I say anything.

Eddie said...

Tim, I have an extra one I could send to Steve H if Jeff's two are now taken.

Jeff Seiler said...

I'm thinking...I'm thinking...




The first thirty (no, no, no, Jeff; what are you thinking?); the first two guys who send me a sketch of NormalRoach and Janice (no, the other one--the cute one), if they are TRULY lacking CAN6 but have bought other ones, get a CAN6 portfolio AND a Cerebus tree or an Elrod bunny.

Let the games begin!!!

27 W. 14th St., #110
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Eddie, I'll let you know if Steve H. will need one. Or, just send it to him and spare his drawing wrist.

Eddie said...

Jeff: Sounds good

Tim G: Could you (or Steve H.) email me at khanna.edward at gmail dot com to work out the particulars? Thanks

Dave O'Connell said...

Well, that eliminates me. I'll go back to waiting for Jeff's "Picture of You With Your 'Dave Sim Reads A Chapter From the Bible' DVD and a 2006 Letter Dave Sim Sent You On Feminism" Contest.' Something tells me I have the inside track on that one.

Jeff Seiler said...

Eddie, I'll leave it up to Steve to work things out with you.

Dave O'C--I'll get back to you.

Dave O'Connell said...

Thank you for the consideration either way, Jeff. I'll keep an eye out.

Unknown said...

I exchanged emails with Eddie today.
Thank you all for thinking of me.
Looking forward to seeing this one.
Steve Harold

Jeff Seiler said...

And I received my first NormalRoach and Janice sketches (yes, two sketches from the same person), fully inked with scenes from Melmoth with new dialogue. Very creative.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like the sketches I sent! They showed up fast. (The estimated delivery was Monday.)
Let me know if I qualify for the contest! Otherwise, enjoy the sketches!
(Actually, enjoy them either way.)
-Benjamin Hobbs

Jeff Seiler said...

Benjamin, you definitely qualify for a chance to have an opportunity to be in a drawing to determine who gets to be the person who pulls the winners' names out of a hat. Congratulations! ;)

And I did enjoy the "sketches", Benjamin. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I sure do like pulling names from hats!
I look forward to it!
Glad you enjoyed the "sketches". You're Welcome!
-Benjamin Hobbs

Jeff Seiler said...

If I had even a clue how to post pictures of them here, I would. They were/are very good. Traced in pencil, I suspect. But, fully inked. Very impressive. And, I guess, one-of-ones, which I value. And, signed and dated!

In case anyone is interested, the dialogue in the the NormalRoach "sketch" has NormalRoach asking the hostile waitress, "Could I please have CAN6?", while he's holding up his empty glass and pointing to it.

The hostile waitress is leaning in, with a cigarette in her right hand, and yelling, "No! You didn't buy CAN 1-5!"


The *other* "sketch" has Cerebus sitting in a chair outside Dino's Cafe, clutching Missy to his chest. Next to him, holding her serving tray to *her* chest, is the cute waitress.

They are both staring straight ahead.

Holding hands.


The first "sketch" has a handwritten note by Ben on the back: "Jeff, Hope I'm the first (or second) to send you a sketch of NormalRoach and Janice.

"I don't have any of the portfolios, but have supported the last three CANs as best I can.

"Just imagine how much better this drawing would have been if I had a 1:1 reproduction to go off of!

"Even if I'm not the first or second guy to send a sketch, or don't meet the criteria for your contest, I hope you enjoy the drawings.


The second "sketch", outside of Dino's Cafe has, on the back (as did the previous one), a note, that says, "Jeff!

"Here's a sketch of 'the cute one'!

"I should have done a wash for 'Cerebus Grey'. Stipiling just doesn't look right. It sort of makes Cerebus look like a plush doll."


Both sketches are signed BH020217.


You get the first one. Look for it some time before Christmas. As you know, I have your address, but if you want it FedExed somewhere else, let me know.

Jeff Seiler said...

Yeah, I know I broke my own rules for this contest, but BH was the first and he drew some great ♤♡♢♧.

So, sue me, Tim.

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Winning is always the best. Thanks!

The address you have works fine. (assuming that it's within the first half of "before Christmas". I'm not sure where I'll be after June.)

The sketches ARE one-of-one. I do have scans of the images if Tim would like to run them somewhere.

Thanks again Jeff!
-Benjamin Hobbs

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Hi Ben,
Cerebus tribute art? Could you send scans to: momentofcerebus [at] gmail [dot] com
Many thanks