Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Paper to Pixel to Paper Again: Index

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A guide to creating the best looking line art in print in the new digital print world

Part  4:  Scanning & Imaging Continued
Part 24: More Layout!
Part 25: PDF & Preflight
Part 28: Going To Press

Are you a fan of a long-extinct comic or illustrator, looking to produce new editions of that work? A graphic arts professional looking to wring every bit of detail out of a pile of originals? A publisher tearing your hair out over dealing with photographic negatives, or problems with your printer? A pen and ink enthusiast sitting on your first masterpiece, but unsure how to best bring it to print? A Cerebus fan wondering how we've been producing the newly restored books? Then this series might be for you!

Sean Michael Robinson is a writer, artist, and musician. See more at LivingTheLine.com.


"...invaluable tech information like this can be peddled elsewhere for a big paycheque. I appreciate Sean aligning himself with the idea that it's more important to give cartoonists, in general, assistance rather than keeping the knowledge only accessible to the "deep-pocketed". Hopefully he CAN make a book out of it at some point and get a big payday that way."
Dave Sim

"Restoring linework is hard! I went through it for ZOT & that was only a small fraction of what SMR is tackling."
Scott McCloud

"This needs to be a book. These posts are invaluable."
Jimmy Gownley

"I second the "invaluable"! New comic day and new Sean-post day. Love Wednesdays"
Carson Grubaugh

"I cannot tell you (Sean) how goddamned USEFUL this all is - and your timing is perfect, since I'm in the middle of a large pen & ink project that I was fretting about reproducing properly. Normally, I'm not such a stickler, but since this one's going on the cover of a vinyl LP, I really want the final to get all the detail and clarity you're delivering here."
Dave Kopperman

"This stuff is gold. A collection of these articles and Dave's own Self-Publishing Guide -- plus something about WWW publishing -- and you've got a complete manual for the aspiring cartoonist."
Damian T. Lloyd

"...fascinating gobbledy-gook (to this Luddite)..."
Jeff Seiler