Monday, 15 July 2019

Free Stuff! Just for you! (Minimal Restrictions Apply...)

Hi, Everybody!

I was gonna do more Cerebus in Hell reviews, but it's hot (here at Stately Dow Manor,) and I don't wanna sit at the computer and read comics just to write a pithy review.

I know that my "focus" has been a little less "Celebrating Cerebus" and more "Hey, who's got money!" lately.

(Like when I post links to Auctions, like the Larry Shell Auctions Dave has stuff in, that are going on this week.) (Or the latest Postcard From Hell? Kickstarter, which ends Saturday.)

But you guys and gals(?) do come through, like when I posted the link to Mike Battaglia's GoFundMe, and you guys gave him money. (Thank you.)

So, as an apology/Thank You, I've decided to thank each one of you for sticking around and putting up with my crap.

I'm gonna give everybody that is interested a free piece of art.

"DAVE SIM ART?!?" you anxiously ask.

No, my art:
Like this nine year old unused pinup...[Update: Me no know math good. SEVEN year old, SEVEN-Matt]
Each one will be eight and a half by five and a half inches. Hand drawn and shaded by me.
Or this nine [Update: SEVEN year old, SEVEN-Matt] year old unused pinup (Kids LOVE Tron!)
Featuring my characters, and maybe Cerebus, or maybe other characters.
or OR THIS nine [Update: SEVEN year old, SEVEN-Matt]year old unused pinup
Maybe I'll "rip-off" Dave. Maybe I'll even bust out the markers.
This is my "recreation" of the cover to Cerebus 55:
Image result for cerebus #55
"WOW! That sounds neat as @#$%, how do I get one?" I hope you're asking.

Well, all you got to do is comment "Thanks Matt!" on this post, and send an email to titled: "I would like free stuff please" and include your name and address. Then I'll draw something, make a certificate of authenticity, and mail it to you in an envelope. Absolutely free. And yes, this offer is open to all you weirdos that live on the bottom of the Earth that somehow manage to not fall off (How do you people DO that?!?) Comment. Email. (Don't forget your address.)

As an added bonus, you'll even learn the "secret" location of the AMOC Cave in the return address.

And now, the Minimal Restrictions that do, unfortunately, Apply:
1: Ya gotta comment: "Thanks Matt!" on this post.
2: Ya gotta email: with your name and address and title the email: "I would like free stuff please". (If you wanna include any additional information or comments, hey pal I live in a free country, if you wanna pretend you live there too, go nuts.)
3: Ya gotta wait til I'm ready to send it before ya get it, so don't be bugging me about where yer art is. It'll come, it'll come...
4: This offer ends at the end of August 2019. I don't wanna be getting emails in six years demanding Free Stuff.
5: One per customer Jeff...
6: If you wanna get something for somebody else, send THEIR name and address in the email (How'm I gonna know different?)
7: What you get is pretty much predicated on what I wanna draw. Meaning it's RANDOM. So, PLEASE no requests.
8: Unless you're a comics person who wants me to ruin your characters with my "drawings", then go ahead and include a picture of what they look like, so I can screw it up real good.
9: Number Nine. Number Nine. Number Nine. Number Nine. Number Nine. Number Nine. Number Nine. Number Nine. Number Nine.
10: And while you're emailing, why not send pics of your @#$%ING Flimsy postcards From Hell? ? Most bent to @#$% postcard wins a valuable prize from Dave Sim!

Okay, thanks for reading, see you tomorrow when I post something Cerebus related (For reals this time!)


Tony Dunlop said...

Wait, why did you write (C)2012 on stuff you drew in 2010...?

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


Nine? Seven?

Me no know numbers good.


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

There, I fixeded it.

Larry Wooten said...

Thanks Matt!

Tony again said...

I'm reminded of an old mathematicians' joke.
A mathematician, a physicist, and a chemist were presented with the following problem. Prove or disprove: All odd numbers are prime.
The mathematician: 3 is prime; 5 is prime; 7 is prime; 9 is not prime, so the statement is false.
The chemist: 3 is prime, 5 is prime, 7 is prime, 9 is prime, 11 is prime,...
The physicist: 3 is prime, 5 is prime, 7 is prime, 9...let's chalk that up to experimental error...11 is prime, 13 is prime,...

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


True story: why back when the Earth was young and dinosaurs roamed the planet, my dad formed a motorcycle club. And he made me the treasurer (I was less than a year old). The club charter says that dues won't be collected until the treasurer learns to count.

Maybe next year...


Oliver said...

Thanks Matt! Love your drawings!

Birdsong said...

Thanks Matt!

Sorry, brain wasn't totally working last night.

Kevin Kimmes said...

Thanks, Matt!

Gabriel McCann said...

Thanks Matt

Gabriel McCann said...

Damn I forgot the ! not to mention the ,

Thanks, Matt!

Dylan Perry said...

Thanks, Matt!

Jeff said...

Thanks, Matt. You know my address. Ten sketches, please. All in color.