Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Remastered Church and State II is coming...

Hi, Everybody!

Three things:
3: Sean did my post for today! (Everybody: "Thanks Sean!"):

Sean Michael Robinson:

This is just a quick message to let you know that... C & S II is coming!

Yes, the fully-restored Church and State II is at long-last available to order from Diamond Comics, in a special signed-and-numbered edition.

As usual, there are a few things you can help us with! Most pressing at the moment — do you have an idea for what image we should include on the signed bookplate at the front of the book?

Not only are we fielding suggestions, same as last time, we're making this a contest. The winning suggestion (suggested by you, and selected by Dave) will receive... something! Some Cerebus-related restoration goodie that I have hanging around my work space. A "dummy" Church and State I hardback? An unbound C + S I signature? A printed and unbound cover from C + S I or READS or GOING HOME? All of the above? We'll see!

So! Here's the last winner, none other than AMOC's own Benjamin Hobbs!

The book plate will be 3.5" x 5", so your best bet is to suggest something that will reproduce well at that small size!

Please either post your suggestions in the comments or email them to momentofcerebus@gmail.com! We will select a winner by the end of the week. Good luck!

As for the book itself... would you like a little preview?

I also wanted to highlight this comment from yesterday from AMOC regular Tony Dunlop. Thanks for the kind words, Tony, I'm really glad you're enjoying the new Jaka's Story printing! 

 Tony Dunlop said...
Off topic - but my remastered "Jaka's Story" arrived Friday, and I had time to look it over yesterday.

Holy Mackerel. Superlatives escape me. I've been longing for years for the definitive, hardcover editions to come out, but this is as close as I'm going to see as long as Dave Sim is alive, and it was worth the wait.

I made it about halfway through the first issue (I can't help thinking of it that way, as that's the only way I'd ever read Cerebus before the remasters began) in an hour or so, as my eye kept drinking in the rich detail. The woodwork. The stone walls. The facial expressions. The sound effects. All of it as crisp and clear as if I were looking at the originals, straight out of Dave and Ger's workshop.

The restoration, the paper, the binding - man, this is a treasure. Take a bow, Sean & whoever else was involved.

Any questions about the books or the restoration in general? Hit me up in the comments!
Thanks again Sean!

Next Time: Hobbs and Patty Duke. (Well, not really. But the joke's there if you squint...)


Margaret said...

Holy shit those panel comparisons are amazing!

Sean R said...

Hey Margaret! More than any book other than V1, C and S II suffered from 2nd gen negative-itis, i.e. the first generation negatives were replaced for dozens of pages at some point after the monthly books, meaning an even bigger difference returning to the original art for those pages.

Jeff Seiler said...

Hmm. Bookplate ideas (all without peeking):

1) The giant sphere being attempted by Cirin (magnificent Gerhard art--what I'd give to have *that* page);

2) Any panel with both Cerebus and the elf, I don't care which;

3) (No brainer) Any panel with Cerebus in his papal robes and (what do they call it) tall, sorta-pointy hat (mitre?);

4) Any panel with Red being, well, nearly naked;

5) Any panel with Mrs. Henrot-Gutch (Gesundheit!) being, well, a nasty old bitch;

6) A nice black tower representation;

7) The "wuffa-wuffa-wuffa" guy. Oh, wait...nevermind.

Okay, that's all I got.

Sean R said...

Hey Jeff!

Pretty sure all but #3 and #6 are in C + S v1 or M + D and not in C + S V2 :)

JLH said...

My choice for bookplate are "Posey Triumphant" (a commission piece Dave did a few years back) or any shot of Cerebus and Flaming Carrot together.

Tony Dunlop said...

How about Prince Keef troyin'a tike a leak wif' demon 'eads an' skuwws starin' at 'im?

Dion said...

Ok - my picks having just flicked through the floppies:

Top 2/3 of page 13, issue #85. Cerebus & Prince Mick, ending with Cerebus arms wide saying, “It’s a beautiful day”. Nice counterpoint to the end.

Page 9 of #86, split panel with Mick, Keef and Cerebus on one side while Roach ‘Tha-Pock’s’ up the rock face. (This would probably need a little work to resize)

Page 1 of #89, Cerebus belching in the shadows.

Last page of #93, Astoria and Cerebus... “so”

Back cover picture of Cerebus from #100, alternative one or more of the panels on page 7 of that issue, “Cerebus washes his hands of this whole mess.”

Last pick! - Issue #102, the panel in the middle that is split over page 18 & 19, the Ascension begins, or a cut down of the long panel on page 20.

Jeff said...

Sean? I said, "without peeking". Sheesh. BUT.

I'M going with, "So."