Saturday, 20 July 2019

Highlights from Dave on the Kickstarter, and...other stuff

Hi, Everybody!

This thing:
Um...Dave just showed up, and I'll get you them highlights tomorrow?
And then:
From know on, I'll only answer to "Manly" (it's gonna cost a fortune to redo the logo on my shirts...)
Page 2 of Spider-Vark #1.
And as I teased yesterday:
What's in the box?
Good question...
It's a pretty big box. Like four or five inches thick...
OMG! It's a cardboard envelope!
But what's in the Cardboard? WHAT'S IN THE CARDBOARD?!?
My Green Dante/Green Virgil cover print
Neat right?

Ya know what else is neat? This:
Wait for it...
A signed Neal Adams print for Dave.
And since I got one for Dave, I figured I'd be a lamb and get one for Seiler too:
Which I'll mail out to him as soon as I figure out how...
Let's compare the two:
Dante/Virgil is 11 by 17, Neal's is bigger.
The Larry Shell auction (now with fixed link!) I found out what the deal is:
Longtime collector and comics professional, Larry Shell, is having a difficult time right now. Due to his being slightly disabled from two spinal surgeries over the past seven years, he is unable to work and earn a living anymore. This has caused his home of close to 45 years to fall into disrepair and the township he lives in has given him 30 days to make at least some of the repairs or face consequences which could ultimately lead to the house being condemned. It is livable and just needs a lot of exterior work.
To this end, Larry has contacted many of his comic book and strip cartoonist friends to donate a piece of Original Art for an auction to help pay for the repairs, starting with his roof, which has a large hole in it and is leaking into two rooms, one of which is his bedroom! This needs to be dealt with asap!
Among the artists and collectors who have generously donated an original to help Larry are: Neal Adams, Daniel Clowes, Rick Parker, Dave Sim, Michael W. Kaluta, Mark Schultz, Timothy Truman, Butch Guice, Mort Walker Studio, Joseph Michael Linsner, Art Spiegleman, Mark Newgarden, Thomas Yeates, Denis Kitchen, Rick Veitch, Tom Morgan, Mitch O'Connell, Ron Randall, Howard Chaykin, Rich Tommaso and many others!
The auctions are now live on the Heritage Auctions site and end on Sunday July 21st.
You can access the pieces here.
I'm giving away free @#$%! (And NOT "pulling a Hemingway" and rushing to get done "so I can go down to La Floridita and drink my body weight in margaritas" (methphorically speaking) (Sorry Larry).

Send pics of your @#$%ING Flimsy postcards From Hell? to Most bent to @#$% postcard wins a valuable prize from Dave Sim!

Also, the EXPERTLY REMASTERED CHURCH AND STATE VOL II is available to order NOW (Diamond Order Code JUL191359) Submit your ideas for the bookplate contest.

And you should order an IRON MANTICORE #1 Diamond Order Code JUL191358________________
Next Time: Highlights (For kids?)


Birdsong said...
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Birdsong said...
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Larry Wooten said...

That was a nice box.

Jeff said...

That's what *she* said! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Jeff said...

Thank you, Matt! Just fold it into a paper airplane and wing it on over here!

Jeff said...

"Neal's goes to 11!"