Friday, 17 June 2016

Red Range Kickstarter Features Dave Sim Script!

Kickstarter Ends 25 June 2016!

"This has got to be the comics event of 2016!
Make sure I get one of the original pages of RED RANGE Sam Glanzman art!"
Dave Sim 

I never saw this coming...but I'm happy it did!

A few years before setting out on his journey of CEREBUS in December of 1977, Dave Sim had a few short comic book stories published in those horror comic magazines of the 1970s, such as PSYCHO from Skywald and CREEPY by Warren. But even though a couple were published, several others were rejected for one reason or another. Obviously, Dave set this type of work aside a few years later, as he began a historic run on the critically-acclaimed comics masterpiece CEREBUS.

But what of those unpublished scripts, you might ask? Well, after hearing about the Kickstarter campaign to re-publish the graphic novel RED RANGE by Joe R. Lansdale and Sam Glanzman, Dave Sim offered Mr. Glanzman, an artist he respects very much, if he would be interested in illustrated one of these old horror stories? Mr. Glanzman was intrigued by the proposition of working with someone like Dave Sim, and agreed to take a look at the scripts and select at least one to draw. Whether he draws more than one remains to be seen. But he will select and draw at least one!

Therefore, very soon, there will be a new 4-5 page story (depending on which script Glanzman picks to draw) written by Dave Sim and illustrated by Sam Glanzman. It's really amazing that something like this could come together, and anyone who appreciates the work of Sim and/or Glanzman will surely want a copy of this story, once it is finished.

Well, we might be able to help you there! What we are offering, through the RED RANGE Kickstarter, is this: A Portfolio consisting of 4-5 (depending on which script Glanzman picks to draw) 11" x 17" prints, limited to an edition of 10, signed by both Dave Sim and Sam Glanzman, and digitally printed on high quality card stock from high resolution scans of Sam Glanzman's original artwork, at full scale.  You will also receive a copy of the newly repubished RED RANGE graphic novel.  All for $210 ($60 for the signed book, $150 for the portfolio).

This is your chance to own a very special piece of comics history...a once in a lifetime collaboration between acclaimed CEREBUS creator Dave Sim, and Golden Age master Sam Glanzman.

We all know these ten sets of prints won't last long. Dave Sim has asked that we release this to his own fans and collectors on A MOMENT OF CEREBUS before making it available to the general public.

Please understand that there are only 8 days left in the RED RANGE Kickstarter campaign, so if you would like one of these portfolios and copy of the book, you need to act fast.

Thank you!

Drew Ford
Owner/Publisher, IT'S ALIVE!


Margaret said...

Worth noting that the reward with the Dave Sim scripted story is limited to 10 sets. There were 9 when I showed up. Now there are 8. . .

Bill Ritter said...

6 left now.

Travis Pelkie said...

Hell, maybe it'll be gone before I decide if I want to shell out that much. DAMN!

But I wan' it, I wan' it! And Drew Ford does good comics! So... tempting....

If I pledge, will you work towards getting Stig's Inferno/Kelvin Mace in print in a nice volume? Heh heh.

crazyyears said...

And then there were So, yeah.

crazyyears said...

I'm onboard, but I'd be interested in knowing why Dave thinks this is THE COMICS EVENT OF 2016! I take him at his word, but I would like some context.
--- Michael Hunt

Margaret said...

Only 3 left now. Plus they met their $15,000 goal. Nicely done!

Dave Sim said...

Michael Hunt - Hyperbole, I'm afraid! But, hey, Sam Glanzman goes all the way back to the days of Centaur Comics (Stan Drake also did his first work for Centaur Comics). If I can't be hyperbolic about Sam Glanzman's work being preserved, what CAN I be hyperbolic about?

Not sure if it will actually come out in 2017 but I think THE COMPLETE USS STEVENS stories from Dover -- which Drew ran down to the two-yard line for them before splitting to start IT'S ALIVE -- is probably the ACTUAL Comic Book Publishing Event of the year since Mr. Glanzman is THE military autobiographical comic writer/artist for World War II. He served on the STEVENS through all of the U.S. participation in World War II and did autobio stories for several publishers (there's an earlier collection, A SAILOR'S STORY that Marvel published in hardcover a few years back. Wish I could find mine!). Considering they're virtually all short and short-short stories, it's pretty amazing that the book will be pretty close to PUMA BLUES size!

I saw online that the U.S. Navy sells prints of the USS STEVENS but couldn't manage to get a link to how to get one. I'd definitely like one of those signed by Sam Glanzman!

Spent the first half of Friday pulling and scripts and outlines out and photocopying them. Very interesting reading my own forty-year-old work, having no idea what the twist ending was up ahead. With a couple of exceptions they were better than I thought they would be. Then THE FRIDAY PROJECT proofing took precedence.

Three more scripts to copy and then they're off to Drew and/or Mr. Glanzman.

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

A message from Drew Ford:

Please just let Travis know that I appreciate his interest in the Sim/Glanzman portfolio, and although I can't promise anything, I will do my very best to get Stig's Inferno back in print. I am a fan, and would very much like to see that in a new collection.

Drew Ford said...

Trying again to post. Having some problems.

Dave, I put out the A SAILOR'S STORY collection last year while still at Dover (, and I finished up the USS STEVENS collection and it was off to the printers before I left Dover. It will be out next month, thank goodness! ( Following that in August will hopefully be an ATTU collection by Sam Glanzman that I put together, but did not see go off to the printer before I left ( RED RANGE, which we know now will be out in November, will be my forth Sam Glanzman collection. And I hope to do more. Oh, and Dark Horse put out Sam's UNAUTHORIZED TARZAN collection (written by Joe Gill) a few years ago, and thankfully it is still in print).

That poster of the USS Stevens sounds great. If you figure out the link please let me know. I'm sure Sam would sign one for you, and I'm even more sure we would like one for himself! :)

Excited to see the scripts! Even more excited to see which one Sam picks first to draw! Can't believe this is happening! Thank you again for everything.

Drew Ford

Drew Ford said...

To everyone else...

I tried posting a Thank You to everyone here earlier, but for some reason it didn't post.

Now that I think I have figured this out, THANK YOU so much for your support of RED RANGE. Joe, Sam and I deeply appreciate it.

Drew Ford

Drew Ford said...

Hi again everyone! Just a heads up to anyone who is on the fence for one of these portfolio set of prints, there are now only two left. Also, just so you know, picking up one of these sets may help us reach our final stretch goal, allowing us to upgrade everyone who has picked up a paperback copy of RED RANGE to a hard cover! Thanks again for all the support, and take care.

Drew Ford

Drew Ford said...

Just a final warning that there is now only ONE portfolio set of prints left. And there is less than THREE days left in the RED RANGE Kickstarter. So if you wanna grab this last one, now would be the time. Thanks again, and good luck!

Drew Ford

Drew Ford said...

Just leaving a final comment on this post to let everyone know that all 10 sets of prints have been pledged for. Thank you to everyone who picked up a portfolio, and thank you to Dave (and Sam) for making this happen! I am really looking forward to seeing how Sam illustrates one of Dave's stories!