Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Star Wars Collector

Gene Day's Star Wars Portfolio
(Aardvark Vanahiem, 1977)


Travis Pelkie said...

Is that an accurate description, that the portfolio envelope is the first appearance of Cerebus? I don't think I'd ever heard that before.

These look neat. I'd say they should get official release, if only to get more Gene Day art available to people, but it'll just put more money in the pocket of Marvel/Disney.

Michael said...

Question for Dave if he sees this: was the scene in issue #1 of the hand getting chopped off upon entering the tavern inspired by the similar scene in Star Wars?

Dave Sim said...

Travis - Uh, I don't THINK that's accurate. The first appearance of Cerebus would have been the front cover of #1. Depends on when Gene was working on these. We would have sent him the Cerebus "bullet" to stick on the envelope design.

Michael - That would be completely unconscious if it was true. The fact that I can't picture the scene you're talking about would suggest not. When I think of severed hand, I think of Gene Day's colour story in ORB #4. "Harrowhouse"? It would have come out in 1974 or 75 sometime.