Friday, 24 June 2016

"Cerebus In Hell?" - Comic Strip #7

CEREBUS IN HELL? #0 ships 28th September 2016
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CEREBUS IN HELL? strip #7 -
It's our working theory (one of them, anyway) that there are no actual comic books in Hell or Purgatory or Limbo (or wherever Cerebus now is) but that there are a lot of really pointless and overly elaborate discussions ABOUT comic books and, in fact, about all forms of pop culture.

Pointless and overly elaborate discussions about cultural ephemera being as much a part of Hell's blacktop as good intentions.

Either that or pointless and overly elaborate discussions ABOUT comic books are the key to The Final Reward In The Great Bye-and-Bye, in which case we're in a lot of trouble. 


Jeff Seiler said...

I'm guessing that there will be hordes os souls asking each other, one after the other, endlessly: "Whatever happened to Sir Gerrick?"

Stephen R. Bissette said...

Ah, so THIS is where Comics Academia will lead.

Thanks for the heads up!

Sean R said...

This is fantastic.

Dave Sim said...

Jeff: Or, if I've been doing this all wrong all along, asking ME. And when I get a few sentences into an explanation interrupting with "So, why an aardvark?"

Steve&Sean - Yes, indeed.

Comics Academia, I theorize, is the "practice tee" for Hell.

Dave Sim said...

SeanR - Actually, no. It's "strange".

"Fantastic" is another publication entirely.

Stephen R. Bissette said...

To which one can only add:


Drew Ford said...

This one is simply incredible!

Dave Sim said...

One of those times I wish I was able to draw so I could do a plague of Steve Ditko locusts with their pinkies out. It's probably better as a mental picture of whichever Ditko epoch you prefer.

Steve and Drew: Check the solicitation. AMAZING and INCREDIBLE are separate titles as well!