Friday, 24 June 2016

Aardvark-Vanaheim "Cerebus In Hell?" Press Release


Dave Sim said...

JUL161105 JUL161105 JUL161105.

Dave Sim said...

We're really trying to hype the #0 (as you can tell), but we're also hoping the fact that it's a daily online strip at CerebusDownloads will drive some traffic to that site. According to George the COMIC BOOK RESOURCES Surge is still surging. Dropped off for a day or two and has started spiking again.

iestyn said...

The coverage of the #o issues has been pretty wide - I've seen about 10 sites covering it, including in Italy!!!

Dave Sim said...

Thanks, iestyn! We did specialty strips for Newsaram, Comic Book Resources, The Beat, Tom Spurgeon. Let us know if they post or tweet them!

George told me and Sandeep on the phone yesterday that Italy has been a major source of traffic at the CerebusDownloads site.

Good time to be doing a parody of The Father of the Italian Language!

Dave Sim said...

NewsaramA. One of their guys called Diamond on Wednesday to ask for verification that Rich Johnston's story was true. Which Diamond wouldn't do because it's their policy that all the information is confidential until the physical PREVIEWS is in stores.

Considering how many people know this stuff at Diamond, I was impressed that NO ONE heard a thing until the digital copy of PREVIEWS went out.

I invited Chris (?) to post here if he wanted to ask any questions.