Saturday, 25 June 2016


Don't ordinarily do a bulletin on Saturday, but I have a fax from John Funk that came in Friday night saying that ALL -- repeat, ALL -- of the CEREBUS ARCHIVE NUMBER FOUR portfolios are now on their way to our Pledge Partners.

Sincere apologies -- and extreme gratitude -- for the superhuman patience this has required on the part of our Pledge Partners.

Monday, we'll be brainstorming CEREBUS ARCHIVE NUMBER FIVE and "Timely shipping" -- i.e. within a month of the Kickstarter campaign closing -- will definitely be "Job One".


eric fennessey said...

Just glad to know it's on its way.

Eddie said...

Received mine yesterday. It's my favourite one so far!

crazyyears said...

Patience is virtually my only virtue.
I Look forward to receiving the portfolio.

--- Michael Hunt

Glen said...

I just received my Cerebus Archive Number 4 portfolio yesterday (June 24th) by Canada Post.

Thanks to Dave and everyone involved. It looks great.

We can call off the hounds now.

Tony Dunlop said...

You know, only Mr. Funk knows for sure, but I wonder how much of the delay was due to the sheer complexity this time. He had to keep track of what, 150 - 175 orders, each of which was no doubt distinct, many of which required extra or specialized packaging. That's way different than just printing a bunch of plates, slipping them into shipping cartons, and off they go…I'm not saying let Mr. Funk off the hook completely, but I am saying have a little empathy.

al roney said...

FWIW - the package screams TLC, so much so that I didn't know if I was even opening it right - it was packed so well I wasn't sure if I'd ever get it open.

Another great job by John Funk!

I'd be happy with shipping within three months of the campaign ending as long as the standards remain this high.