Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Happy 52nd Birthday, Zolastraya!

Why, when you have a beautiful name like Dawn Celeste Nash would you call yourself Zolastraya?

And, yes, that IS where I got Rick's last name.

The guy who lived next door up until a little while ago was named Scott Nash.  His wife, Karen, is pregnant and expecting in September.  I saw them on Saturday and he said he was hoping the baby would be born on his 34th birthday.  When's your birthday?  September 30th.

He was born the day before Deni and started the 1982 US Tour -- on Deni's 31st birthday.

Now, THAT's Comic Art Metaphysics!


Dave Sim said...

Forgot about the time difference between here and England. Zolastraya was born on June 14th, just to be 100% clear.

Erick said...

Cool pic. Miami Vice Dave and a beautiful woman

Tony Dunlop said...

Whatever else one says about Dave Sim, he looked damn fine during his 15 minutes of "fame!"

al roney said...

My B-day is also September 30th.

Does that figure into the "Comic Art Metaphysics" too?


Dave Sim said...

al roney - Yes, I would definitely say so. You are posting regularly at the same time that the subject came up, so you've been swept up into whatever the confluence is.