Friday, 24 June 2016

"Cerebus In Hell?" - Comic Strip #6

CEREBUS IN HELL? #0 ships 28th September 2016
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CEREBUS IN HELL? strip #6 -

Cerebus being far too self-conscious to actually admit that he’s slowly going insane, he’s just going to keep this to himself. If he’s talking to a Minotaur one minute and King Minos the next, that’s just fine. No problem. Besides, it’s not like a permanent condition, it sort of comes and goes. At exactly the wrong time. Hey, if you were wandering around with Virgil and Dante, surrounded by a legion of demons torturing the damned for all eternity, it might mess with your sense of reality as well. Oh hey, Asmodeus, where did you come from?


Stephen R. Bissette said...

Now, THIS fits right into the CEREBUS I knew and read and loved...

Dave Sim said...

This is one of Sandeep's. If I had only handed the book off to him back in the 1990s when he was interviewing me for the student newspaper IMPRINT at the University of Waterloo with the same loose but specific instruction on CEREBUS IN HELL?:

"EXTREMELY funny."

Drew Ford said...

Sandeep did a great job with this one!